The Rupert Murdoch Influence in 2013 Election

August 16th, 2013 | by Rekha
The Rupert Murdoch Influence in 2013 Election

The political life of Australia will experience a life changing experimental occurrence over the entire duration during which the federal election will take place and this experimental experience would demonstrate the amount of influence that has been inflicted by Rupert Murdoch. Among the day to day activities, one of the most fascinating things that keep him engaged is his ability to interact on a daily basis with the editors of the papers who are covering these day to day campaigns. This keeping in touch with the news paper editor for such a busy leader occurs over the phone.

Rupert MurdochInfluencing the 1992 Elections

It is a well known fact that the popularity of the influence exerted by Rupert Murdoch and his paper on the elections held in the UK is well acknowledged. This influence is primarily known for the elections that have taken place in the UK and a few such memorable occurrences can be labelled in the 1992 elections during which the newspaper “Sun” which is better known as the cousin to the popular newspaper “Daily Telegraph” claimed complete and glorious victory in lieu of the conservative party. Most of the papers that are owned by Rupert Murdoch have had a habit of showcasing much such important news on the front page with bold headlines so as to capture a major group of audience.

Sun won it

After the winning of the 1992 election, most of the headlines of almost each and every newspaper stated the fact that the victory achieved by conservative party was owed to the newspaper “sun” owing to which it can be clearly stated that the election as well as the winning of a political party owed a major portion of gratitude to Rupert Murdoch. The papers that are owned by Rupert Murdoch are popular in boasting highly important political news and influence related to politics on the very front page thus showcasing that the elections and any other political matter is always influenced by the man himself.

Ruthless Fighting to make or Break the Government

A habit of Rupert Murdoch is his bluntness in utilizing the paper in the desired manner against political scandals and thus influencing the party as well as the nation as a whole. The papers owned by him cater to approximately seventy per cent newspaper circulation across Australia and thus the mood swings as well as the beliefs of the paper are a material role player during any election. Owing to this fact, the prime ministers as well as the leaders of the opposition are grateful if they can have the neutrality they are seeking and thus leading to the moving of the political campaign in the desired direction.

The Fate of the Gillard Government

The instances of such can even be seen during the elections held in 2010 where the result of the elections was the victory of a minor labour government, after which Rupert Murdoch summoned the chief editors as well as the journalists to the place of residence from where they campaigned strongly against the Gillard government to bring about a change in the political victory.