The Top 5 Ways Banner Stands Work For You

November 20th, 2016 | by EditorOne
The Top 5 Ways Banner Stands Work For You

Roll up banners are an effective tool in your marketing arsenal. With roller banners or pop up banners you can quickly catch people’s attention as well as promote a key message, at a cost effective price. Roller banners are ideal for giving customers a glimpse of your product or service that intrigues them to want to find out more.

Pull up banners are affordable when compared with other forms of advertising like radio or print ads. And you can create many different banners for different occasions, all to your own personal specifications. Here’s why these banners are great for business.

  1. Simple to Assemble

As the name says, you can simply pop up a pop up banner. Do this, and you are ready to display. This is a real boon when you want to make an immediate impact at a trade show, or when you need something really quick to put up in the reception area. The roller banner works by rolling down into a tube and you pull the banner from its resting place to hook it into a support stand.

  1. Hard Wearing

Quality banner stands are durable and made to last. The vinyl is tough and the inks are designed to be strong and visible in all weathers. The frames on pull up banners are also sturdy and strong, meaning you do not have to worry about the stand collapsing in the middle of the event, and you can rely on being able to use the stand more than once.

  1. Simple to Store

The small and simple banner will be easy to store in your office when you don’t need it. The banner rolls into the base and then the pole also folds down to be easily handled. You don’t have to worry about a storage space to keep these banners when they are not in use.

  1. Easy to Transport

Similarly, roll up banner stands are light and compact so you can carry them to events and functions easily. You can fit a banner into a car, and easily carry them yourself through an event.

  1. Compact Design

The pop up banner does not need much space. When you are exhibiting you need all the space you can get to display your entire company range, using tables and screens as well as banners. When a banner does not overwhelm the whole stand you make a more effective impression.