The Vampire Diaries- What To Expect In Season 7

October 1st, 2015 | by Neha C
The Vampire Diaries- What To Expect In Season 7

The Vampire Diaries is ready to hit TV screens this fall on 8th October and the fans of the show are eagerly anticipating a new story line. Nina Dobrev shocked everyone by announcing her departure from the show and her presence will surely be missed now that she’s had her goodbyes but that doesn’t mean Season 7 is out of plotlines.

With Elena out of the picture, it’s safe to say we won’t be seeing her as Katherine either, even though we said goodbye to Katherine in season 5 (but this is The Vampire Diaries and just about anyone can come back from the dead). That being said, here are a few plots one can expect in season 7:

Brother Bonding Time

Damon and Stefan have always had a love hate relationship (well duh! It’s a bummer when both men fall in love with the same girl…twice!). Their disagreements and rivalry has mostly been over Katherine and Elena but now with no girl distracting them, it’s safe to say we’ll see a lot of Damon and Stefan bonding and team work. This is further intensified by Stefan’s confession that Elena was never his soulmate but she helped him reunite with his brother and he loves his brother much more! (Aww I can totally feel my heart melt).

A Darker Damon

It’s always been a well-known fact that Damon has supressed his darker side only for Elena. She’s tried to change him and many a times it’s backfired but Damon has come a long way at being a better human…err…vampire just for Elena. Without Elena in the picture, one can assume Damon will resume his bad boy days. Even Ian Somerhalder dished out that they’ll be going back to certain darker elements that were portrayed in the initial seasons with Damon being freer with his choices and will be getting his darker edge back.

The Vampire Diaries- What To Expect In Season 7

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Steroline gets Center Stage

With Elena gone, the new love story that will be the main attraction of season 7 will surely be Steroline. After Caroline confesses her feelings to Stefan, turns off her humanity, turns it back on, and rejects Stefan’s love, it seems as if Steroline has seen a lot of drama already. However if there is one thing that Stefan has learnt from Damon and Elena, is that if you truly want someone you wait it out no matter how long it takes. It’s only a matter of time, Caroline will succumb to her feelings and Steroline will be for real this time.

The Vampire Diaries- What To Expect In Season 7

Mommy Time

We’ve always seen Damon and Stefan having a sour relation with their father but now it’s their mommy who’s ready to wreak havoc. Lily Salvatore will leave no stone unturned to try driving a wedge between the two brothers as she considers heretics her real family and will not think twice before harming her sons. Now that she’s released her travelling companions onto the real world, season 7 will surely have Damon and Stefan against their mother which will lead to some emotionally intense scenes. Also, Enzo’s loyalty will be tested as to whose side he is on.

The Vampire Diaries- What To Expect In Season 7

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Newer Faces

With Kai gone (whyyyyy) there will be a whole new range of witch and vampire hybrids that are just as bad as Kai as they can siphon off magic as well. Lily’s new friends will surely not take it easy and prove to be one of the best villains we’ve seen on the show. (Maybe they can bring Kai back!!). Along with new villains, three new characters are also being introduced and The Vampire Diaries will also show a same sex pairing for the very first time. We’ll see two new lovers Nora and Mary as well as another new face will be Valarie and her story line seems intriguing too.

The Vampire Diaries- What To Expect In Season 7

With these interesting new plots and twists, it’s really going to be a long wait till October to finally catch the season premiere of the much awaited Vampire Diaries!