The World Of Fashion – Every Woman Has Her Own Label

December 20th, 2013 | by RS
The World Of Fashion – Every Woman Has Her Own Label

When you ask a girl about her ideas on shopping, she will be in panic mode because every girl’s dream is to find the two “L’s” in their life: Love and Label.  Prada, Dolce and Gabbana, Dior, Versace, Bvlgari, Louis Vitton, and other famous brands they know and love.

Most of their time is spent on shopping and going from one mall to another. In New York City a shopaholic girl visits at least three malls and more than six stores a day. This is what boys cannot do in terms of fashion and style.

Want to Wear the Best Cloth?

Every woman wants to wear the best dress whenever they go. Choosing the right clothes can take time—in some cases, up to two hours! From pump heels, boots, stilettos, jeggings, and party dresses, bags, and even makeup—which girl won’t go crazy when they see such a large collection of shoes?

“All girls own a pair of practical pumps that they can always turn to in times of need. They go with everything and they’re perfect for all occasions. Usually we chose a black shoe that we know will go with everything, but let’s face it, they’re not the most exciting shoes we own, and we don’t particularly get excited at the prospect of slipping into our functional footwear.” (Rosey Stones, shoe fanatic page.)

Choosing the Best Suited Cloth:

Females basically know how to choose the type of dress they fit into or can match their body type. Not just that, but even the makeup they put on should match their dress. In every girl’s closet, there’s a collection of white long sleeves, black cargo pants, and black pump heels, because this is the best dress they can wear for casual days or ordinary days. They also own a black skirt for the office and match it with glasses to make them look as smart and sexy.

When girls go out for a party, a little black dress is a good choice for them. Black looks gorgeous and stunning for club parties, weddings, and a romantic dinner date. When they feel like they’re putting on weight, they usually go to the gym for a workout or simply go for a run to be fit.

What can the Plain Jane Girls do?

Not all girls can get into being fashionable; there are also girls who are called “plain Jane.” Plain Jane means they choose beautiful dresses but they do not know how to carry out their dress. They wear less makeup or no makeup at all, which can make the dress look dull and make their faces pale as a result. This will not be attractive at all.

There are many fashion houses who trade in a binary procedure. So, the plain Jane girls can adopt fashionable idea online and get products which are suitable for them. If you don’t know about the idea of binary trading, is there to help you in all respect.

Boots are popular for girls especially when winter hits. The urban footwear look gets sexy, with its retro twist, battered leathers, lace up combat, and chunky wooden heels. You will feel that booty love emu boots. It’s not only during winter, but also every season girls still wear such boots. A girl who has an own label knows what she wants and what she needs.