Things To Do To Make Your B&B More Appealing

October 14th, 2016 | by Norbert C
Things To Do To Make Your B&B More Appealing

Depending on its location, B&B can be a very profitable business. If you are operating a B&B in a popular tourist resort, you won’t need to think about innovations that will differentiate your establishment. Entrepreneurs who are operating B&Bs in big cities, need to make them unique in order to attract more guests and keep their business profitable.

Before you hire contractors and redecorate your establishment, you should sit and do some brainstorming. Try to think about add-ons that will enhance your current offer and improve your guests’ experience. These are some of our suggestions.

Use Internet for Marketing

Internet can be a very powerful marketing tool. You can list your B&B on websites like, and If you receive nice reviews on these booking platforms, you can expect a steady influx of guests from all around the world.

TripAdvisor is another very popular tourist platform, which has a cult following among travelers. Recommendations on this platform are a great marketing tool and many establishments place TripAdvisor signs on their windows in order to attract millennial travelers.

Things To Do To Make Your B&B More Appealing

Hotels, hostels and B&Bs also promote their offer on social networks. If you want to attract more guests, your posts shouldn’t be too commercial. Be subtle, and focus on posts that present your area to travelers. Organize photo tours and post photos of local tourist sites. Photos and videos, should be complemented with stories about: local history, notable residents, legends and the best local recipes.

Add a Pool

B&Bs with pools usually charge more, or they put a special fee for pool use. With this in mind, it is easy to realize that adding a pool to your B&B can be a very profitable innovation. Even if you don’t increase the prices, the number of guests is definitely going to rise during the season.

If you run a B&B in an area with hot climate, you should build one of those inground swimming pools in your backyard and surround it with tropical vegetation. In areas with cold climate you can choose between outdoor thermal pools and indoor pools, which are much more expensive.

Things To Do To Make Your B&B More Appealing

Give Out Special Discounts

There are many things B&Bs can learn from luxurious hotel chains. Loyalty cards are one of them. You should give discounts to people who visit your B&B on a regular basis. These cards are very useful to business people, who frequently visit congresses and seminars in your city.

You should give out discounts in off-season periods. If you offer great service for extremely low price, you’ll definitely have a lot of guests. Some of your off-season guests might come back in a few months after the season starts.

Improve your Breakfast

For most people bed is the most important feature of B&B, but tasty breakfast can definitely tip the scales and motivate your guests to pay you a second visit. These are some common breakfast sets that you can offer:

  • Organic breakfast – Many travelers are conscious about the food they consume. Prepare a rich buffet with colorful and healthy organic treats and they will truly appreciate your gesture.
  • Vegetarian breakfast – Always reserve one part of the buffet for vegan and vegetarian food. Prepare full breakfast sets, without meat, eggs and dairy and your guests will quickly spread the word about your B&B on vegan and vegetarian forums.
  • Traditional breakfast – People eat different breakfasts in different countries. Serve your guests a traditional breakfast of the area they’re visiting. This is a great way to introduce them to local cuisine.

Things To Do To Make Your B&B More Appealing

Low cost airlines have made traveling easy and affordable. B&Bs concept and comfort attracts very wide audience, from young backpacking nomads to older vacation travelers. Now, when we know that B&Bs can easily overcome all challenges of modern tourism, owners need to follow tourism trends and constantly upgrade their offer and make them fresh, fun and interesting.