October 18th, 2018 | by EditorOne

Superstitions exist in almost every sphere of life and the world of gambling is not exempted.  In fact, gamblers could easily pass for the most superstitious among a lot of superstitious folks.

A closer look into the gambling world will expose you to a world where you’ll see gamblers come up with crazy theories and carry out crazy activities because they believe that these things enhance their chances of winning.

Now away from the world of gambling superstitions, we know you want to win regulrly. Therefore, you can try us out if all else fails.

Meanwhile, a research carried out by a group of psychologists has shown that more supersititions will arise amongst gamblers as time goes by.

They pointed out that these rituals and beliefs could even become the premise for which gambling sessions will be held in the future.

Let’s use this scenario. A gambler is playing the game of craps and he finds himself winning repeatedly after blowing on the dice in his hands multiple times.

A pattern is formed, as he will definitely stick to the procedure which could easily pass for a gambling ritual.

It can also be related to the issue if luck, as a gambler could also observe that wearing a particular shirt or cap, or even making some gestures sees him ending up on the losing side. He will definitely avoid those attires, and also avoid making the gesture.

Regardless, here are some common gambling superstitions that exist:

  1. A significant number of gamblers believe that the 50 bill in any currency represents bad luck. Therefore, they ensure that they don’t use the ’50 bill’ for any of their transactions. They even go as far as not accepting the bill for payment.
  1. The game of craps also comes with this superstition that the players believe plays a part in the course of the game. Players avoid ending up as the first or solo player at the table.

This is because the dice which is cold at the time needs to be warmed up. Therefore, there is a common belief that the next roll that after the dice leaves the table will be unlucky.

  1. There is also a common belief that the number 7 in the game of craps is the devil and they hope it doesn’t come up.