Throwing a Workplace Fiesta? 4 Ways it Can Increase Your Employees Morale

September 25th, 2018 | by Anica O

If you are a supervisor or own your own company, then you know that employee morale is important to the success of a business. Great morale gets teams through the rough times and helps them want to do their best every day. Here are some fun ways to build morale in your workplace by hosting a fiesta.

Use a Pinata

Fill a pinata with things that your employees will actually want to own like the hottest CDs, flashlights and water bottles. Everyone will laugh with glee as they each take turns trying to break the pinata open with its wonderful surprises. Depending on the group, you may even want to blindfold participants. Laughter may be the best medicine for your team, especially if they have been struggling to meet company goals.

Learn to Dance

Consider getting everyone moving by having an instructor teach your team popular Mexican dance steps. Your team may want to learn to salsa or cha-cha-cha. If you get the right instructor, everyone will be laughing as they join in the fun of trying to learn these fast upbeat songs. Getting everyone to exercise together releases happy hormones while they laugh at each other trying to learn the complicated steps.

Host a Performance

If you do not think that your group would get into learning to dance, then consider inviting a Mexican dance troupe to perform. Your group will love the thrilling fast-paced actions of the Mexican hat dance, and the wooden-soled action of the Danza de los Viejitos. Your group may also really enjoy seeing the Danza de los Voladores performed. Understanding different cultures can be an important first step in helping your employees understand how people in different cultures may see your company and its employees.

Eat Mexican Food

Of course, no fiesta would be a hit without popular Mexican foods, so make sure to give restaurant like El Molinito Restaurant & Catering a call. Opt for delicious foods like chile con carne, fajitas and tacos accompanied with wonderful side dishes like refried beans and Spanish rice. Cater to vegetarians in the group by providing mouth-watering options like chilaquiles and green corn tamales. Depending on the group and company policy, you may want to offer a Mexican soda drink or an alcoholic beverage like a margarita. Eating together always helps everyone feel more connected as stories are shared around the table in an informal manner.

Whatever type of team-building project you choose, the rewards will last a long time after the actual experience is over. In fact, you may discover that it is the best investment that you have made in your team this year.