Top iPad Apps That Can Be Used For Business And Presentation Needs

November 4th, 2013 | by Michael Evans
Top iPad Apps That Can Be Used For Business And Presentation Needs

In today’s corporate world, you cannot do without meetings, seminars and presentations. It is applicable for literally all industry. With the progress of technology in every sphere of life, the way meetings used to be conducted has changed as well. There is no need to carry bunches of papers, chalks, marker pens and similar accessories when you walk into the conference room for such meetings anymore. In fact, you can do without your laptop. Nowadays, iPads are used widely by corporate executives and management level employees everywhere. With the right iPad apps in your arsenal, you can sail through presentations and meetings like a pro!

To use some of the popular iPad business apps, you will require the necessary accessories and cables. The device may need to be connected to projectors for giving presentations, for example. Some of these iPad business centric apps come with a licensing fee while there are several useful freeware apps too.

Top iPad Apps That Can Be Used For Business And Presentation Needs


This is one of the very popular apps used by business users and its iPad version is also quite popular. It helps you make stunning presentations using the maverick tab of Apple. If you come from Windows background, some time may be needed before you get used to its working mechanism but that does not take much labor. It costs just $9.99.

QuickOffice Pro HD

QuickOffice Pro is not light on wallet but it trumps rivals with one killer feature, full PowerPoint support. Of course, you should buy it when you look for a comprehensive Office suite. It offers astonishing level of control in every department.


This is among the most useful business apps for iPad that come for free. This versatile presentation pp lets users make HTML files, complete web pages and PDFs on the move. It supports PPT files and preserves nearly all attributes. Its support for social sharing makes things easier for users who need to share files with other employees.

Haiku Deck

Haiku is elegant but user friendly presentation app made for iPad. Its customization features may leave advanced users looking for more. The sleek interface and templates however will meet basic needs well.

Power Presenter

Power Presenter is the right app for your presentations if you want to connect the iPad with Apple TV. It offers good support for PDF documents. The PPT files need to be converted to PDF first which can make some users ruffled. The app also comes with integrated whiteboard feature. It costs just $1.99.

2Screens Presentation Expert

It does not seem much different from other iOS based presentation apps. The whiteboard, web browsing and presentation capabilities are quite decent. You can save files using the app to iPad. It is also possible to share the presentation through email when you have the app. You can also opt for its companion app, namely 2Screens Remote for only $2.99. When you have both these apps it is possible to use iPhone to remote control the iPad to show presentation.


Those iPad users who need a remote to offer presentation at meeting and similar events will like this nifty app. It costs just $2.99 and you need to link the device with a network PC. Using the app to offer presentation is extremely easy and you will learn it in no time.

Idea Boards

This is an intuitive iPad app that works as a whiteboard and can also double up as a chalkboard. It does come with a lot of backgrounds but functionality is pretty limited. You cannot erase objects on its board or move them as such. At $1.99 it is quite easy on pocket though.

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