Top Reasons To Consider Becoming A Waterpark Entrepreneur

April 20th, 2015 | by Anica O
Top Reasons To Consider Becoming A Waterpark Entrepreneur

There are many different kinds of businesses entrepreneurs can invest in. However, one you may have overlooked is the waterpark industry. While this may seem like a whimsical idea, owning a waterpark actually has many upsides. Below are the top reasons to consider becoming a waterpark entrepreneur.

1. Waterparks Are a Growth Industry

Waterparks are a subsection of the family entertainment industry that continues to grow exponentially. According to the World Waterpark Association, there are currently over 1,200 waterparks in North America with a total attendance of about 82.5 million customers. Save for Hollywood, there are pretty much no other entertainment industries that are comparable to this volume of business.

2. There Is a Significant Off Season

Another great benefit of being waterpark entrepreneur is the ability to enjoy a significant offseason. For most of North American, the waterpark season lasts from late May to Early September. Waterparks deep in the South may have longer operational seasons, and indoor waterparks run year round. However, many other waterpark owners have a good portion of the year off to focus on other things.

3. Aquatic Facility Management Is Easier than You May Assume

Getting into the waterpark business may seem like a very complex and difficult endeavor. You need to hire and train lifeguards, test equipment and water purity levels, have first aid on hand and more. Thankfully, there are companies like USA Management and others that help new companies in the waterpark business get up and running in regards to personnel, training, procedures and more.

4. It Can Feed Other Business Ventures

These days, waterpark entrepreneurs don’t only make money from park entrance fees. Lodging is now a huge part of the business. Many indoor and outdoor waterparks are now directly connected to hotel resorts. This means producing money from the lodging, onsite restaurants, bars, gaming centers, golf courses and more. It stops a family’s vacation dollar from being split up between multiple businesses and directs it towards one company.

5. It’s a Fun and Creative Business

The waterpark industry isn’t about soulless factory assembly lines. It’s about providing a family with a day of fun in exciting ways through things like water slides, wave pools, adventure rives, water coasters and more. Designing a waterpark is something most 10 year olds would kill for. Doing it in real life lets you tap into that inner child and express your artistic side by designing a world full of escapist fantasy and exciting thrills.

The waterpark industry continues to grow each year and spread its reach to more and more people. It is also one of the most exciting and creative industries around. Becoming a waterpark entrepreneur can be both very lucrative and rewarding.