Top Universities Around Bahrain

October 17th, 2014 | by Scott A
Top Universities Around Bahrain

Education, in the new-age, is considered as one of the most important aspects of obtaining a successful career. Most countries provide different levels of education, beginning with kindergarten for young children, to much more advanced tertiary institutions. Universities, in particular, are considered the most important since they offer professional training to individuals looking to jump into the competitive job market. The Kingdom of Bahrain has been known to house some of the best universities around, and this article will take a look at some of them.

1. The University of Bahrain

The University of Bahrain, popularly known as UOB, is a public institution that was established in 1986. It brags of being the only national university in the Kingdom of Bahrain. Its main campus is located in the town of Sakhir, with the other campus in Isa Town.

The institution offers both undergraduate and postgraduate levels of study, including bachelor degrees, master degrees and doctorate degrees. The different areas of studies of covered include arts, business administration, information technology, applied science and a teachers college.

The school receives about 5,800 admissions annually, both male and female. The academic year is divided into semesters, one beginning in September and the other in February. The faculty members are exceptionally trained in their areas of expertise, being able to also provide online tutoring.

Also, multiple programmers in the institution have been accredited by different bodies such as CSC (Canadian Society for Chemistry) and HERU (Higher Education Review Unit) . It ranks at 3232 in the International Universities Level as per January 2013.

2. The Arabian Gulf University

Founded in 1981, AGU has been providing quality education services to many students over the decades. Located in the town of Manama, it has a lot of facilities available for potential students.

An admission criterion is based on school marks attained and some entry tests. The school also facilitates admission of both local and international students, with over 1,500 being enrolled each academic year. Although it is a private institution, it runs as a non-profit entity.

The university provides training in the fields of medicine, arts, business and social sciences, humanities and technology. Just like UOB, the institution provides bachelor degrees, master degrees and doctorate degrees only.

The school is accredited by the Ministry of Education of Bahrain. Financial aids and scholarships are provided to gifted students who are in need, to facilitate their continued learning.

3. The Ahlia University

This Institution goes by the motto “International Education … Locally”. Having been established in 2001, it is a younger institution compared to the above, but it has tried to live up to expectation.

Its student based is comprised of both local and international students, of both genders. Admission to the school is based on entry tests, with an enrolment of about 2500 students each academic year. The school is a private one with the campus, located in the town of Manama, having an urban setting.

The fields of business and finance, engineering, information technology, arts and medicine are covered in the school’s academic structure. Bachelor, master and doctorate degrees are offered on the completion of a given course. The school is accredited by the Ministry of Education of Bahrain.

Furthermore, the institution provides housing for the students with multiple sports activities available. Students can also have the opportunity of studying abroad, with exchange programs available.

Financial aids and scholarships are also available to needy students. Conclusion Therefore, if one has a Bahrain Visa and wishes to have a wonderful learning experience, they should look no further than the high quality institutions available in Bahrain.