Using Shopping Guides For Advertising

September 23rd, 2013 | by RobertF
Using Shopping Guides For Advertising

When it comes to advertising, businesses will use anything and everything to help make people aware of who they are. While some businesses will want to go about things the old fashioned way with the newspaper, and may create a list of media contacts that only has newspapers on it, but with just one form of media contact, a business may not get very far. Shopping guides are another form of print media, and a business that advertises with one can really see their business start to make more money than it ever has before.

Using Shopping Guides For Advertising

Businesses using all available Sources

People in businesses have to know how media contacts work, and aware of what each kind of contact will do for them. Newspapers are good for business advertising because in some small towns and villages, newspapers are delivered every day to every single person in that town because it is the one of the best sources of news and information. Shopping guides are a separate publication that may or may not be included at least once a week in the paper, but if it is not delivered it will be available separately. Here is more information on why businesses should look into adding published shopping guides to their list of media contacts:

  • Low Cost Advertising:

Businesses do not have a lot of money to spend on their advertising budget, and they often choose ways to advertise that are lower cost or free. Shopping guides are often overlooked when it comes to contacts because of the fact that they are smaller when comparing them to something like newspapers and magazines. However, some people really like to look in shopping guides because of the fact that people place advertisements in them, and these ads can often be sources of things like appliances, cars, computers, and countless other things. People do not have a lot of money, and these shopping guides can be a big help to get people what they need at a lower cost than a retail store.

  • A wide range of Customers:

There are shopping guides that are distributed city wide, and a business that chooses to advertise in one is going to have customers that come from every part of a city. Some parts of town, typically, the parts that are not as ritzy as others, may have a wider circulation because poorer neighborhoods will be needing shopping guides for items, and if businesses advertise in them, then they will get customers from those guides.

  • Word of Mouth will Increase Customers:

People love to talk about great bargains they get from businesses, and the more money they save means that people will talk and tell everyone they know about what a good deal they got. The cost of advertising that businesses paid for shipping guides will be worth it when their customers tell others about the money they saved.

Businesses created a list of media contacts so they can advertise their business. One way to advertise is a shopping guide. A shopping guide has a wide distribution throughout a city, and the cost to advertise in one would be fairly low. Businesses do not have a lot of money to spend on advertising, and shopping guides can provide good sources of customers because many people use them to get what they need at a lower cost.