Welcome To The Home Office Of The Future

December 11th, 2016 | by Norbert C
Welcome To The Home Office Of The Future

The idea that your home office should look like a regular room in an office building, just at your home, is actually completely wrong. If you’re already privileged to be doing a job that allows you to have a lie in and not worry about what you’re going to wear to work, why don’t you take that extra step and work on the interior design of your home office?

Your desk, shelves and filing cabinets can serve their purpose in various environments, so you might want to keep an open mind and express yourself when it comes to design and decoration. Let’s look at some suggestions on how you can make your home office a more enjoyable place, which also leaves a good impression on all those who come and visit.

Creating and using space

First of all, you need to get rid of all the things you don’t really need. Don’t let your home office turn into a storage room for everything you no longer need at home, but are reluctant to throw away. Think about getting storage bins or multifunctional, collapsible items of furniture to maximise the use of space available.

Another thing you can do to create space is get rid of all hard copies after making digital versions by scanning or transcribing them. That should also help you find what you need much more easily than by rummaging through piles of papers.

To create a homelier atmosphere, you might want to consider introducing a couch, which you can use to get some well-deserved rest after hard work. Remember, it’s better to take a short power-nap and continue once you’ve recharged your batteries than to push yourself so hard that it affects the quality of your work.

Welcome To The Home Office Of The Future


It’s a good idea to liven up the place by introducing some vibrant colours and ditch white walls. Having an office plant would add to the natural look of your home office and help you get better indoor air quality.

Another fancy thing you can add to your office is a glass whiteboard. You can customise it by adding different backgrounds to it, but its greatest feature is that it also works great with permanent markers.

Mount what you can

In order to further save floor space and avoid accidentally knocking over some expensive equipment, it’s a good idea to use wall mounts for monitors and speakers, we learn from Brisbane’s TV wall mount pros. Not only will this give your home office a sleek look, but it’ll also allow you more freedom in terms of organising the space.

Also, if you connect your TV with your computer, you can have a mini home-office entertainment system, which should provide relaxation and much needed break after all the hard work.


As we’ve already said, you need to use some lively and vibrant colours to liven up the space. However, you should not stop there. Adding some pictures will give your home office a whole new dimension. You can use your own pics or frame some photo paper that you like.

Welcome To The Home Office Of The Future

Consider standing

Since health benefits of standing desks have been scientifically proven, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t introduce such a thing to your office. Your back will appreciate it, for sure.

Also, you’ll be saving some extra space, which would make your home office more spacious than it really is.

As you can see, there are lots of ways in which you can improve the functionality and appeal of your home office. Some are quite inexpensive, while some require more significant investments. Some can be done as a DIY project, while some are better left to professionals.

Still, whatever you decide to do and whichever piece of advice you decide to take, you’re guaranteed to enjoy the benefits of a more comfortable and pleasant environment.