What Are Varied Alternatives Of Low Risk Investment?

October 22nd, 2013 | by MariaJohnUK
What Are Varied Alternatives Of Low Risk Investment?

Unstable economy is looming over the investor. As a result, they are hunting for low risk investing options to safeguard their finances in the long run. This not only provides them with long term investing options but also offers a safe haven temporarily. It is true that investors might not be able to enjoy high yield from low risk investment but it is also true that with such investment alternative, you will not have the risk to lose a huge sum.

If you are investing for a long term, then low risk investing option is an ideal deal. What are the different modes where you put your money at a low risk? Here are the alternatives for you…

Different Investing Options are Offered at Low Risk

Think of the Bonds

Bonds are a reasonable option for low risk investment. Though bonds are susceptible for a company experiencing downtime, yet they are secure modes for investing in any company. Bondholders are lenders for a company at the time of bankruptcy. So, when a company is going down, the first thing that it does is it tries to pay the lenders with its remaining fund. Therefore, if you have purchased corporate bonds of some company which experiences bankruptcy, you have a decent possibility of getting back your money. An ultimate low risk investing option is the government bonds since it the greatest stable entity.

Give Annuities a Second Thought

Annuities are the other variety of low risk investing option that reaps immense benefit in the long run. An annuity can be purchased either by making monthly payments or by paying at a time a huge amount. Once you have bought an annuity, you are liable to receive a return as monthly payment. Certain annuities can be for a fixed term while the others can be for the rest of your life after retirement. It is better to combine this low risk option with other investing alternatives of the same category.

 What Are Varied Alternatives Of Low Risk Investment?

Enjoy High Return and Security with Low Risk Investment

Consider Money Market Mutual Funds

Generally mutual funds and stock market are associated with one another while money market mutual funds depend on the securities of money market. Since money market mutual funds are related with securities and not stock market, they are very stable. This is because buying these mutual funds offers you a fixed amount for a fixed time period. These mutual funds are low risk investment since it is combines liquidity of mutual funds together with security of money market. Therefore, with so many investors ruling in the market, money market mutual funds are the most secure way to put in your money.

CD can be a Decent Decision

CD or Certificates of Deposit are also strong investing option offering low risk. CDs above a certain amount yield a decent rate and provide you a good return on your investment. Their security lies in their insurance. Withdrawing from CDs earlier than the stipulated time might face you with penalty and fine and will not yield the specified fund.

So, you see investing options are quite a few. Low risk alternatives have also captured the market with more and more investors moving towards them.

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