What I Want My Teen Driver To Know

August 11th, 2014 | by KadyK
What I Want My Teen Driver To Know

Yes, dear one, I was once a teen driver.  My parents were generous in supporting my quest to drive.  They paid for insurance, put gas in the car, and made the car available to me with few restrictions.   Instead of “demandments” that I maintain an A+++ GPA or buy my own car, gas, and insurance, they made one firm and sobering statement.  “Understand this:  your car is a potentially lethal weapon.  It can kill or harm you; it can kill or harm others.”

You will soon become a licensed driver and it may be challenging for you to think beyond the immediate thrill and satisfaction of driving.  Although I considered teaching you to drive, I decided it is more important that you have an impartial trainer who can recognize the potential skills and weaknesses that I, as your loving parent, might overlook.

A Westshore Driving School professional can prepare you to achieve your immediate objective – to get a licenceand become a skilled and safe driver.  My job is to be back-up for that training and support you as you practice and prepare for your driver’s exam and years of capable driving.

You will learn many rules and driving skills that you must know to become a competent driver.  These are some of the other safety practices that you will learn from your driving lessons Victoria BC:

  • Safety matters – even before you turn the key in the ignition.
  • Courtesy doesn’t cost anything – sometimes the courteous thing is just the nice thing to do; sometimes, it is the safe thing to do.
  • Rage reactions are dangerous.  Don’t react with rage to another driver’s rudeness or errors and don’t respond to someone else’s rage.  Let it go.
  • You can never sufficiently predict how another driver will react to a situation that startles or frightens that driver.  You must remain alert to your surroundings and responses.
  • You and all other drivers want to reach your destinations.  None of you is more important than the other!  Take care of your own driving responsibilities and trust that your safe driving will get you to your destination.
  • Nothing is worth the risk of driving and drinking/texting/chattering/fiddling with the sound system, etc.  NOTHING.  Your sound system cannot keep you safe!

It may not seem that your Westshore Driving School will include such skills, but they will.  That’s why I’m entrusting you, my perfect almost-grown-up treasure, to their training and expertise.  Enjoy driving – I do!

I also remember that they provided me with good driver’s education training and many hours of supervised driving before I took my first driver’s test.

I remembered their words through all my driving years.