What Is BPM?

October 12th, 2016 | by BPM
What Is BPM?

A quick online research can give you tons of definitions for the BPM abbreviation. Of course, we are looking for a meaning in the context of Sales and Marketing, so let’s take a closer look at this term and try to find out what is BPM.

BPM and how can we use it?

BPM is a concept of process management focused on enhancing corporate performance by modeling and optimizing business processes. You can use special software for business processes modeling. Bpm’online is the leading CRM system. It shows the best performance and unique abilities. “Who uses CRM systems like BPM’online”? The answer on this question can be – everyone who wants to make money. Basically, every person involved in business needs a way to automate the working processes and this is when they get to know CRM.

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is a business approach to company management, which is based on constant analysis of customer’s history within the company. There are many CRM systems that are developed to help you to implement this task. Using a CRM system is a perfect way to keep and organize information about your clients. Your client database can be endless and instead of keeping this information in mind or make notes on paper, you can have it structured, marked and available any time. This is the main application of systems like bpm’online CRM. Since we know what is BPM let’s take a closer look at what else they can do.

They also have additional functions that are designed to make your life easier. For example, you don’t have to hire a person to make analysis. Your software can do the analysis for you, and much faster then any person would. Not to mention, that the cost of this program is much lower than hiring a full-time worker.

Besides, another great feature is that now you can have your leads online! You can reach them any time! If you are on a business trip, or driving to work, or even when you are at home you can always have access to the relevant data. This is a wonderful opportunity, especially for those who are always on the road.

When you keep all your client’s data on your computer, you always have a risk to lose it in case if your computer breaks down. However, if all of your customer’s data is located on a cloud-based system you can reach it anytime even from your cellphone!

Data security

With all that said, there is another important thing to mention. Security of your data is one of the most important aspects. Developers of the bpm’online provided the strongest protection to the system. You have 4 levels of access available. This way you can keep important information like the company’s revenue within the system, but only authorized employees will be able to see it. You can define the user’s level of access by providing them with specific roles.

What Is BPM?

What does BPM stand for?

However, let’s get back to main question. BPM stands Business Process Management. But what does it mean? What is the definition of Business Process Management? The main idea is the constant improvement and optimization of working processes to make the company more efficient and more profitable by automating most of the processes. It is a client-oriented philosophy that puts the satisfaction of your client on the first place. A company’s goal is to build a strong relationship with its customers. This is what BPM is built for. Studies show that companies that use this business model have 27% more regular customers and close the deals much faster.

The goal here is to improve the performance of every employee by making the routine processes automated. This way all of your salespersons will have much more time for conversations with your customers.

You can make as many templates for you documents as you need and keep them in the system. This way you can change the template even using your cellphone.

What can we do with bpm’online?

Other feature that you can use for your business is that you can literally built the virtual structure of your own company. You will have not only a client database, but also a unified database of company’s employees. All your employees will have their place in hierarchical tree with all their functions written in their personal accounts.

This can be very convenient if you have your offices in different towns or even countries! Imagine that one of you offices is in New York and the other one is in Paris. How would you keep strong connection between those two divisions? Thanks to bpm’online software, you can make them work as a team and communicate every day using a built-in network.

There is another important feature that distinguishes bpm’online from other CRM systems. The user interface can absolutely be customized. The developers do not impose their vision of the software and a user can customize the software. You can use your corporate colors and put your corporate logo. This is very important if you want to keep things professional.

If we try to summarize the functions of the bpm’online we will get an impressive list

  • Data collection
  • Account management
  • Planning
  • Communication hub
  • Workflow optimization
  • Document preparation
  • Marketing analysis
  • Process management
  • Improve customer experience
  • New employee training

And many other helpful features that will make your life much easier and save you a lot of time. For example, you can create a portal with frequently asked questions that can be used by both your clients and employees. This can save your teams time and give your customers a chance to help themselves.


One of the main reasons that sometimes stops companies from using a CRM is that they already have some existing data and they are afraid that it would take much time to integrate this data into the system. Bpm’online is built in a way that makes data integration easy! You can simply import data from your Office applications.

Another misconception is that, adding new software will slow down the computers. The truth is that you will have to keep only one program open. For example, you can work with all your emails directly in the system as well as make calls.