What Your Company’s Furniture Says About You

February 13th, 2018 | by Anica O
What Your Company’s Furniture Says About You

As a business owner, you have multiple situations to consider when choosing furniture for your company. It’s important that you find furniture that is a balance between functionality and comfort and practicality and appearance while staying within the budget you have set for office furniture. There are a few basic tips and considerations that can help you furnish your office, lobby or waiting area so that clients and customers immediately form a favorable impression of your company.

Getting Started

Before you begin purchasing furniture for work areas, you should make a list of the various pieces of furniture you need to include in those areas. Your next step should be to browse through several office furniture catalogs like D&R Office Works, Inc. to see what furniture style appeals to you and to compare prices. You can often get some helpful and creative office layout ideas when looking through catalogs. You will want your office furnishings and layout to reflect the type of work your company does. If your company is involved with the arts and creativity is a key element of your employee’s workday, you may want to design relaxed, colorful work spaces that reflect the creativity of your company. For a more professional atmosphere, you might want to use neutral colors and traditional furniture.

Ergonomic Furniture

When clients or customers come into an office and see employee work areas furnished with ergonomic furniture, they can surmise that you are concerned with the health of your employees. That opinion can lead them to the conclusion that the concern you have for your employees will transfer over to your clients. Ergonomic office furniture provides multiple benefits for you and your employees.

Functional Furniture

Clients and customers often consider the appearance of your office as an indication of your work habits. If you don’t include a sufficient amount of functional furniture in your office, you may end up with papers piled high on the desk or boxes stacked up in a corner making the office look like a chaotic mess. It’s important that you include the necessary amount of filing and storage furniture in an office to keep it looking organized and efficient.

Furnishing the Waiting Area

First impressions matter. If your business is such that you have a lobby or waiting area, this space should be furnished so that it gives all who enter a favorable impression of your business and your capabilities. Chairs and tables should be high quality, durable, comfortable and attractive. The décor should be simple yet visually appealing. Keep in mind that the waiting area or lobby furnishings and décor should be compatible with the type of clients or customers you have.

Typically, more work and a better quality of work can be done in an office that is furnished in a way that provides comfortable and functional working conditions. Clients and customers will form a favorable impression and feel a greater sense of confidence in your business when they walk into a well-organized, professional-looking office.