Where Can I Work in Healthcare IT?

December 30th, 2013 | by Patsy Sinclair
Where Can I Work in Healthcare IT?

Healthcare IT is all the rage in the world of business. If you’ve got experience and some basic tech certifications, it shouldn’t be difficult for you to get through a healthcare specific training program. Most cover the basics of the type of information being distributed, the importance of privacy, and the specific concerns of the healthcare community. Where will you go, though, once you have that certification?

Private Doctor’s Offices

A lot of private doctor’s offices still use traditional paper files. The staff may be older and moving to a computer may seem like a huge burden. You could offer your services to independent practices who need to conform to new healthcare regulations by digitizing their data. You an do all of the grunt work, adding files to the system, and then train the employees on how to properly use the system.

Hospital and Care Systems

There are, of course, major medical systems who need your help as well. I’m talking about the large hospital systems who have tons of small satellite doctor’s offices and clinics. Not only do all of these small offices need to be digitized, but they need to communicate clearly with each other so that patient information can be transferred properly from office to office for the purpose of continued care. These IT departments are huge, with some focused in the hospitals and with others that go from site to site to help the staff get the job done and keep the systems running smoothly and securely.

Health Insurance Companies

Health insurance companies have complicated systems that are used to track patient information, transmit claims from doctors to their offices, and more. They have internal needs as well as strong privacy needs.

Private Consultation Firms

There are some private firms who specialize in going into a myriad of different environments, with healthcare included. This might be good for a person who wants to focus on healthcare but keep his options open. It was, after all, a private firm that helped to create the healthcare.gov website during this past year.

Your healthcare jobsearch should be done carefully. There is a lot of need, especially now that the government has become so involved in ensuring everyone has coverage and access to care. You have a lot of choices, though, and the pay is strong. Don’t settle for anything you’re not truly happy with. At this point in the game, there simply isn’t a need to do so