Why Choose A Big Recruiting Agency Over The Small Ones

February 8th, 2018 | by Mack A
Why Choose A Big Recruiting Agency Over The Small Ones

Whether you are a small, medium or a big company you need to get in touch with recruiting agencies every now and then. The first question that may come to your mind while choosing a recruiting agency is whether you should target a big agency or a small one. The job-seekers generally don’t go through this confusion because they enlist themselves with multiple recruiting agencies.

Here we are sharing some top benefits of choosing big agencies over the smaller one.

Big Database – The bigger recruiting agencies tend to have a bigger database. This means you can quickly get candidates with desired skills in case of urgency. You won’t need to wait for the whole process of advertisement, application, and interview to get some shortlisted candidates when you need to place someone urgently. And, when you have time you can go through the whole process of candidate selection.

Experience of the market – Experience plays a vital role in every business and recruitment is no exception. The big recruiting agencies have a wider range of clients. So, they know details like availability of talented candidates and salary and bonus norms of the industry. When you hold hands with big recruiting agencies you get benefited with their expertise and experience. When you collaborate with Social Housing Recruitment, one of the UK’s leading social housing employment agencies, you are sure to gen benefit from the experience they earned while working with 90% of G15 companies.

Brand Reputation – Highly qualified and talented professionals don’t have a dearth of job opportunities. So, they choose what’s best. If you want to skim and hire creams of the industry you don’t have the option to go for small recruiting agencies. No good professionals get themselves enlisted with the small agencies having no brand reputation among themselves. The recruiting agency you choose reflects your brand position in the eyes of the candidates. So, you need to choose a big agency to attract over qualified talents.

Financial soundness – Bigger recruiting agencies tend to be more financially sound. The financial soundness of the agency is directly proportional to the number and quality of professionals working with them. When you choose big recruiting firm you make sure all the candidate training and filtering procedure will be taken care by the experts. The small recruiting agencies are sort of one man army where there is no specialization of the work. So, it is quite clear that you’ll get best candidates shortlisted when you choose the larger agencies.

You might be concerned about the higher charges of big recruiting agencies. But, it is a fact that quality comes at a cost. When you are ready to pay more you are more likely to get the better quality.