Why You Need to Get All the Facts before You Fire an Employee

September 24th, 2018 | by Anica O
Why You Need to Get All the Facts before You Fire an Employee

Terminating employees may be one of the most disliked activities associated with running a business. While there may be times when you must let employees go because of a lack of funds or because your need for the position has diminished, there may also be instances when you must fire an employee who has acted out in some way. It is easy to feel overwhelmed by stress when you learn about a situation, and you may be inclined to immediately begin termination procedures. However, it may be best to take a deep breath and to research the circumstances before you take action. These are some of the leading reasons why it makes sense to get the full story before acting.

You May Lose a Talented Individual Unnecessarily

Circumstances are not always what they may initially seem. When you fire an employee without getting all of the facts, there is a chance that you may let someone go unnecessarily. You could even fire the wrong person. You must have all of the facts if you want to avoid losing a talented individual without justifiable cause.

You Could Create Discontent Throughout Your Workplace

While you may not know the full story, there is a good chance that at least some of your employees do. Firing the wrong person or unfairly terminating an employee may breed discontent in your workplace. Your employees may view your management practices in a harsh light, and you may even lose a few other talented individuals in the near future as a result of this situation.

Your Reputation Could Be Damaged

Word of your poor management skills could easily spread outside of your workplace to your customers or to other workers who may think twice before applying for a position with your company. In some situations, you may be seen as an employer who has discriminatory practices. While it may initially seem like taking swift action after an employee has acted poorly is a good idea, the impact could be far-reaching and detrimental.

You May Face a Lawsuit

Some individuals who believe that they have been wrongfully terminated may simply walk away. They may feel that the situation is not worth fighting about. Others may feel passionate about the situation or severely wronged, and they may file a lawsuit against your company. Hiring a wrongful termination lawyer to defend your actions is a step that you obviously want to avoid, and you may be able to do so by getting all of the facts first.

By researching the circumstances carefully, you will have time to document the facts. This documentation may be used to support your decision to terminate an employee and to fight against a lawsuit if the matter escalates. If you have any questions related to employment law, consult with an attorney before taking action.