Why You Should Include Videos On Your Business Website

December 19th, 2013 | by JRO
Why You Should Include Videos On Your Business Website

Customers want information from the companies they trust, and they want that information immediately. If you have large eBooks packed full of information, you might find it hard to get people to read them. This is because a large majority of your target audience may prefer to see the information in a two- or three-minute video format instead of a large book. Videos can be uploaded onto your website and shared on other websites as well. If you market it correctly, you could even create a video that goes viral. Here are a few of the advantages of video marketing:


Videos create greater exposure for your business. According to recent studies, Americans watched more than 21 billion videos online in 2012. YouTube has 4 billion hits each day. Such high traffic volumes show that people want to see videos. Creating informative videos is a great way to display your knowledge to your customers and boost your company’s reputation. Videos are a great way to reach out to your target market and improve your visibility with them.

Lost Cost

Unlike print marketing materials that can become costly, creating a video is inexpensive. Some companies choose to create basic videos with their own webcams while others get a little creative and invest in a video that is produced by professionals. It is important to look at your budget to determine how much you can spend on creating videos.

Deliver a Message

One of the best things about using videos for your marketing materials is related to the amount of information you can pack into a video. Unlike print materials and online ads, a video allows you to create a great message for your target audience. You can include as much information as you need to in the video, and your customers will be able to retain the information. If you need to explain how a product or a service works, using videos to do so will be much easier for customers to understand.

Traffic Hits

When you create videos and upload them on your website, it will drive additional traffic to your website. Videos also increase the amount of time a person spends on your website. If you are able to create effective videos and marketing materials, you will be able to convince people to remain on your website for longer periods of time. Increasing your website traffic can boost visibility for your website and will help to improve your website ranking. If you have paid advertisements on your website, increased traffic can help increase the profitability of these ads.

Website Priority

One of the great things about videos is that they get a lot of priority with search engines. You can spend a lot of time developing other marketing materials, only to have trouble getting your ranking. With a video, you may notice it starts to rank with the search engines in a few days. As it gains additional views, it will continue to climb higher in search results. If you only list the videos on your website, it can help to significantly improve your website traffic ranking.

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