Wintertime Business: 4 Points to Keep in Mind during the Cold Season

December 11th, 2018 | by Anica O
Wintertime Business: 4 Points to Keep in Mind during the Cold Season

The winter season doesn’t just bring holidays and good tidings. The winter season also brings snow, ice, viruses, and frigidly dangerous temperatures. When you run a business, there are four things you should keep in mind so that all of the discomforts of the cold season don’t adversely affect your business.

Viruses Are Everywhere

You’re going to deal with hundreds of customers every day. These customers will touch doorknobs, chairs, and cough throughout your business. During the cold season, this increases the risk that viruses will be spread. To help reduce the risk of these viruses spreading, wipe down surfaces with an antibacterial cloth or use an antibacterial spray several times a day.

Keep the Heat Blowing

Keeping your business warm and toasty during the winter season will be comforting and inviting to your customers. It’s also important to the longevity of your business to keep the heat blowing because businesses always experience more foot traffic during the cold season due to people not wanting to spend time outside. If your furnace is malfunctioning, call a professional for heating system repair services. Even if your furnace isn’t malfunctioning, a heating professional can inspect your furnace and perform yearly maintenance to keep it running at optimal levels.

Customers Create Puddles

As the cold season of winter starts, it brings inches of accumulated snow. Even if you spend time shoveling the sidewalk in the front of your business, your customers can still track in chunks of snow on their shoes. This snow will melt once it’s inside of your warm business and create puddles. These puddles can cause injuries due to slipping. It will be wise to add extra mats on the floor of your business to help absorb all of the melted snow.

Clear Walkways

Not taking the time to shovel the sidewalks and walkways on your business’ property is a personal injury lawsuit waiting to happen. The sidewalks and walkways on your property should be cleaned at least once a day, depending on how much snow falls. De-icing salt should also be sprinkled on sidewalks and walkways to melt any underlying ice and to prevent the formation of ice throughout the busy business day.

As an added precaution, keep a stand of antibacterial hand sanitizer available near the entrance and by the restroom doors. This will be a quiet and polite reminder to your customers to keep their hands clean to help prevent the spread of germs and viruses.