Year-End Results Shared By Expansys Indicates At Closing Retail Business In the USA

August 12th, 2013 | by Rekha
Year-End Results Shared By Expansys Indicates At Closing Retail Business In the USA

As informed by the reliable source, most of the consumers of the United States in the times of purchasing a new mobile phone prefer to select the device from a retailer store or carrier. In exchange for a subsidized price, they sign another agreement. However, it is evident that some individuals also prefer to visit the unusual paths, although they offer full payment each time they are buying a new phone.

Presently, some effective ways would allow the phone buyers to achieve new hardware. However, one of them would shrink very soon. Recently, Expansys issued the financial result of the fiscal year 2013. According to a reliable source, the report indicated that the company is planning to close its operations in the USA retail business.

ExpansysIt is informed that the report of Expansys started with a statement of Bob Wigley, the chairperson of the group, which revealed that the company has found it quite difficult to run the business in the previous year. Moreover, the chairperson also used several terms including performed poorly or faced strong difficulty to point out that their business is far from reaching their organizational goals and expectations. In the report, the chairperson also stated that the management of the organization was compelled to cut costs of the retail department.

However, it is worthy to mention over here that Expansys’s arm of SIM distribution; Data Select Network Solutions do extremely well in this year. In addition to this, the year visualized the expansion of the DSNS business to the United States that is regarded as Wigley as the only positive outcome of the year amidst of many disappointing issues.

The chief executive officer of the company, Anthony Catterson informed that the retail business of the United States had shown a poor performance in comparison to the previous year. He stated that the business face decline in both the B2B business as well as retail business of the United States. He opined that this as the outcome of pressure from the competitors, weaker market and the wish to focus on the expansion of SIM business of Expansys. However, Expansys’s SIM business earned both profitability and revenue.

The CEO of Expansys also informed that the company hoped that the division would grow and become vital to MVNOs and carriers. He also expressed that the company wanted to carry on the strategic review that they began since March 2013. He further added that Expansys would face short-term crisis in FY 14. However, he hoped that the focus on software solutions for carriers and international SIM distribution business would enable the group to discover long-term growth. The CEO also stated that the authority has developed a growth plan based on the review. They are presently examining several options that they would be able to avail as a part of evolution.

The Chairperson of Expansys reported that in order to become more proficient the company would perform to cut costs from all the possible ways in 2014 fiscal year. He further mentioned that a refocused strategy would enable the company to be stronger in the medium term.