A Career In Sales And Different Types Of Sales Job?

October 9th, 2014 | by Saurabh T
A Career In Sales And Different Types Of Sales Job?

Sales are a people-centric career path. But a job in sales is something more than merely meeting with customers and flaunting products or strategies. The confluence of merchant supply and customer demand is the central idea of a sales job. Having good interpersonal communication skill is very important to grab a sales position.


Sales can be of different types apart from retail sales. We can opt for different markets to make money faster if one has a good understanding of sales strategies. Before going for this field, we should know about the best sales job that will make you rich quickly. One can make a big fortune out of selling virtually anything like cars, real estate and even software.

Different Types of Sales Job to Make One Rich Quickly

Choosing the perfect sales job according to our ability is very important to be successful. The common distinction between sales jobs of any level is that of a ‘hunter’ and ‘farmer’. The salespeople whose main responsibility is to bring new business to a company are called ‘hunters’. They bring in new business to the company either by cold calling or by travelling from place to place. On the other hand the people who concentrate mainly on the existing clients are known as ‘farmers’. They mainly create new innovative methods to sell the products of the company to the clients.

Office and Field Sales Jobs

The sales person who works entirely from inside an office is predictably known to be engaged with an office sales job. The entire sales cycle is managed through such a sales person mainly through phones and emails. But they should not be mistaken as tele-callers. A strong relationship is built with the clients over the phone which is indeed a tough job. On the contrary a field sales person spends time, mainly outside the office for meeting the clients. They arrange for a face to face interaction with the clients. They generally enter the office for a sales meeting. Such salespersons must be self-motivating and organized.

Real Estate Sales

Renting, buying or selling property for the client is the main role of a real estate sales job person. Designations of a real estate sales person vary from an agent to a sales superintendent. A real estate broker is also into the real estate sales job. A real estate sales person generally acts as an intermediary during negotiations between buyers and sellers.

They also compare two similar properties to determine their present market price. Promoting sales of property through advertisement is also an important responsibility of a real estate sales person. With the growing popularity of real estate in almost all the cities of India jobs in this sector are also available in ample.

Car Salesperson

The automobile industry is a flourishing industry in India. Numerous people are making good money out of it every day. All automobile companies require car sales person who will help in selling old and new cars and even two wheelers to the clients. They actually act as a vehicle sales executive. We should have self-confidence and a persuasive manner to be successful in this sphere.

Having a clear idea about the technical matters is also very important to give clear and proper information to the buyers or clients. They should also arrange for a test drive. The starting salary of a car salesperson is about £ 10,000 per year and they need to work for 40 hours per week.

IT Sales Job

Selling computer, peripherals and software is a hot job for many in this age of technology. As a part of the sales team IT sales specialist mainly sells hardware and software to new as well as existing clients of a company. Their primary role is to attend sales meetings and meeting clients.

Any technical question of the client should be answered by an IT sales specialist. The responsibilities of IT sales specialist ends once the product is sold. At the initial stage an IT sales specialist can earn £ 20,000 a year, which can increase to £ 35,000 with experience. A senior IT specialist earns up to £ 50,000 a year.

Job Trends in India for Sales Professionals

The latest Naukri Job Speak Index for the month of August 2014 presented a bright picture for sales professionals. According to the report there is an increase of 8% in sales jobs when compared YoY from August 2014 to August 2013. The top cities to experience this change are Delhi, Chennai, Bangalore and Kolkata. Sales jobs opportunity in Delhi are particularly favorites of aspirants owing to the greater number of opportunities and the strategic advantages that this city offers. Besides, a great number of sales and marketing agencies have established their offices in the capital city and are assisting businesses. Most popular titles include sales executive, account manager, and business development executive.


A strong sales team is the most important need of a company be it old or new. Many young professionals are seeking for sales job to earn money in an easy way and limited time.