The Advantages Of Working With Recruitment Agencies During A Job Search

January 29th, 2016 | by Mack A
The Advantages Of Working With Recruitment Agencies During A Job Search

It can be difficult finding a job on your own, especially if you have a certification or degree in a highly specialised career. While you may be able to send a resume or cover letter to companies seeking someone with your qualifications, you may be just one of a dozen candidates for the same position. To increase your odds of finding a career position, you should consider working with a recruitment agency in order to find a job.

Why a Recruitment Agency?

Working with a consultant at a recruitment agency can shorten the length of time it takes for you to find a job. In many cases, recruitment agencies work with companies to help them find qualified employees whenever they need to hire extra personnel. While most agencies work for companies looking to hire candidates, some also work with job seekers to help them find qualified employment.

Specialised Employment Services

Many recruitment consultants work with companies and candidates in certain fields, so you won’t be considered for positions for which you are not qualified. If you hold a certificate to work with asbestos, your resume may be sent out for asbestos analyst jobs from Future Select to help you find a position in your field of expertise. By working with recruitment agencies that specialise in certain job sectors, you will be more likely to find a position for which you are certified.

No Fee Services

An advantage of working with a recruitment agency as a candidate is their services are free for you. A recruitment agency is usually paid by the companies they work with who are seeking candidates for their job openings. This means you can search their website for openings and post your resume with them without spending any money to work with a consultant when you’re trying to find a job within your field.

Access to Non-Advertised Listings

Many companies looking to hire candidates do not advertise their openings; instead, they work with recruitment agencies to find the qualified employees they need. If you register with a recruitment agency as a candidate, you can have access to job openings that no one else will know about. This can give you an advantage because there will not be as much interest as there might be if the positions were publically advertised.

On the Job Experience

If you are a new graduate or have just obtained your certification in a discipline, you may be able to gain on the job experience by taking temporary work through a recruitment agency. Some agencies work with companies who hire employees for temporary positions, as well as offer permanent employment. Taking a temporary job can help you gain experience and make connections that may help you find a permanent position.

By working with a recruitment agency, you can quickly expand your job search to employers who are looking for candidates who hold qualifications in the job area in which you’re interested. A recruiter’s connections can help you find temporary or permanent employment in your career field.