The Big Interview: 7 Ways To Make Sure You Are Prepared

January 7th, 2016 | by Lizzie W
The Big Interview: 7 Ways To Make Sure You Are Prepared

So you’ve finally scored the interview of your dreams and you’re ready to starting preparing – but where should you start and how should you go about it to ensure the best chance of impressing your interviewer? Of course, you need to make sure that your qualifications are in order and are easily verifiable. You can also take advantage of these effective prep steps:

Use the Mirror

A great way to make sure that you’re fully prepared to answer questions you may receive and to ensure that your demeanor is confident throughout the interview is to practice in front of the mirror. Create a list of expected questions to ask yourself, stand in front of the mirror, and practice your delivery as you answer them every day during the week leading up to your big interview.

Talk to Your Pet

Another easy and stress-free way to prepare for your interview is to talk to your pet as if you’re in an interview. Pretend your pet is asking the questions, and give them your answers as you would in the actual interview. Your pet can’t laugh at you, and they won’t give you a hard time when you’re feeling nervous or trying to work out what it is that you’d like to express during your big interview.

Interview Elsewhere

If you want to get some real-life interviewing experience under your belt in the industry you’re trying to break into, consider scheduling interviews for other jobs that you don’t necessarily want to accept if you’re offered a position. This will give you some experience under pressure and may even provide you with some backup opportunities in case your original plans are not realized.

Buy Something Fresh

To ensure that you look and feel your best on interview day, invest in a new blazer or suit for the occasion. Shopping for your interview outfit on the Internet will afford you the opportunity to score exclusive coupons online that should enable you to take advantage of a notable savings over shopping at local brick and mortar stores. You can also take advantage of deals and promotions like Hanna Andersson promo codes when shopping for clothes online.

Talk to Other Employees

If possible, scout out current employees at the company you plan to interview with and ask one or two of them out to lunch so you can learn what the company looks for in employees and what their expectations tend to be in terms of performance, experience, and initiative. This will provide you with some important insight you can use to develop strong answers to the questions you’re like to be asked during the interview.

Work With a Professional

To ensure that your resume is up-to-date and offers an impressive perspective of your qualifications, work with a professional resume developer. Your service provider should be able to develop a personalized concept for you and help you work out exactly how to introduce your information in a way that is easy to read and verify by your potential employer.

Plan out Your Travel Route

The last thing you want to do is show up to your big interview late. In fact this can result in missing your chance to interview altogether, so it’s important to plan out your travel route days in advance, and take the time to actually drive the route at the same time you plan to travel on interview day so you can effectively gauge how long it will take you to get there. Leave at least ten minutes earlier than you think you need to in order to arrive on time to allow for any unforeseeable holdups.

These tips and tricks are easy to implement, and they’ll put you well on your way to indulging in a profession that you can be proud of.