Beruwala Beach To Enjoy The Holidays In Sri Lanka

July 31st, 2014 | by Alice Aires
Beruwala Beach To Enjoy The Holidays In Sri Lanka

Beruwala Beach in Sri Lanka has been touted as one of the best beaches in the world attracting thousands of tourists every other year. The pristine beach coupled with classy hotels that dot Beruwala makes it a magnet for tourist. Communication is not a bearer as a number of the friendly locals can speak in English and German. Apart from sunbathing and taking a swim in the Beruwala beach the tourists can engage in the following unforgettable activities:

Deep Sea Fishing

This activity is very popular with tourists. Hotels have taken the cue and organize deep sea fishing expeditions for their guests in either fishing charters or private steamers. The sea is known for its rich stock of fish that include tuna, Jack fish, wahoo as well as strappers. It is not uncommon to view sharks and barracudas especially in the morning hours. Tourists are provided with fishing gears and apparel. The tourists are allowed to keep their catch and the surplus is sold and the returns are donated to local charities to benefit the community.

Water Sports

A number of water sports activities tailor made for the visitors to make their vacation busy and memorable. These activities include beach volleyball and football, hiking, water surfing as well as boat racing competitions. Tourists should check with their hotels if they offer such activities as they are cheaper compared to those offered by water sports firms.

Visiting The Mosque Oldest Kechimalai Mosque

Beruwala boast of the foremost mosque in the Lanka Island. The Kechimalai Mosque is the most outstanding landmark in the island. The mosque is eye-catching thanks to its beautiful white colored minarets. During the Id-ul-Fitr celebration the mosque hosts pilgrims who number up to 50,000. Visitors to the Beruwala will find this mosque scenic, refreshing and taking them back many years back when Muslims traders first settled in the island.

Harbour Of Beruwala

A visitor to the Beruwala will not be complete if you haven’t visited the Beruwalaharbor. More than 600 fishing boats of all sizes can be found in this habour. The fishermen may spend more than 2 months in the sea meaning that their vessels have to be sizeable. In the morning hours the fish market is a beehive of activities. At the wee hours of the morning the fish mongers are already up to get the best tunas and sharks from the fishermen.

The LightHouse

The lighthouse provides the perfect scenic view of the Beruwala coastline. Tourists can charter a boat that will take them to the off shore island where the raised lighthouse is located. Most hotels will make this arrangements for guests as part of their itinerary.

Boat Ride To Bentota

Visiting the neighboring resort to break the monotony of being in Beruwala is not a bad idea after all. Holidays lovers can take a trip to the Bentota to see what it has to offer. Fishermen can ferry tourists to the Bentota. It is cheap and the fishermen will be more than happy to engage the holidaymakers on a chat chit as they enjoy a ride to Bentota.

Once you holidaymakers have been issued with their Sri Lankan Visas they should make a point of making Beruwala Beach part of their itinerary.