Illness or Injury Keeping you Home? 4 Ways To Make Money While Taking Time Off

November 30th, 2018 | by Anica O
Illness or Injury Keeping you Home? 4 Ways To Make Money While Taking Time Off

If you’re homebound and unable to work at your regular job because of an illness or injury, there are still ways to generate income for yourself. Finding ways to make money while you’re sidelined can keep you from falling behind on bills and will make it easier for you to return to work when it’s best for you. Here are some easy ways to make money while taking time off from work.

Online Surveys

Even though it may sound too good to be true, you can actually make money simply by completing surveys online. Companies are constantly seeking feedback of their products or services and are willing to pay people for their opinions. In addition to money, some online surveys offer gift cards that can be used like cash in many stores. Take the time to fill out each survey without rushing and updating your profile on any survey sites regularly to maximize your earnings. Not all online survey offers are legit, so it’s important to research any companies offering them to make sure that they’re not trying to steal your information or just send you a bunch of junk mail.

Apply for Workers’ Compensation

You may be entitled to payments from your employer’s insurance company if your illness or injury occurred because of your work. Whether it came from a singular incident such as a fall or exposure to a contaminant, or from accumulated damage in poor working conditions, your workplace is legally required to compensate you for damages to your health and wellbeing while on the job. It’s important that you report the incident that caused your misfortune as soon as possible to your superiors so that you can still qualify for workers compensation. Speak to a local, accredited lawyer that specializes in workers’ compensation cases to make sure you get the compensation you deserve for medical expenses, lost wages, and general damages to your lifestyle.

Charge Rent

Renting out one of the rooms in your home, or lending your vehicle on a temporary basis, is a great way to earn extra money while you recover. Collecting money through rent is one of the best forms of passive income, especially if you rent on the short term for vacationers. There are websites that allow you to post information regarding a home rental that you wish to offer on a short- or long-term basis. If you choose to take in any boarders, be sure to review the landlord and tenant laws in your area to ensure that you meet the legal requirements for leasing property.

Sell Seasonal Items

If you have a knack crafting, you can use your hobby as an extra source of income as well as give yourself something to do while recovering. Holiday items are especially popular during certain times of the year, but they can also be hot sellers during the off-season. Ornaments, gift baskets, and unique T-shirts are just some of the things that you can try making and selling. You can also purchase some seasonal items in bulk and sell them individually at a higher rate to earn a profit, if you have an entrepreneurial spirit.

The inability to work at your normal job doesn’t mean that you have to stop making money. Whether you’re off of work for just a few days or for a few months, there are many ways to make lucrative use of the time you have. By thinking outside the box and exploring other options, you can still get a profit in your downtime and reduce the impact on your finances.