4 Customer Service Strategies You Don’t Want To Overlook

July 22nd, 2015 | by Anica O
4 Customer Service Strategies You Don’t Want To Overlook

Competition is the driver for many of the decisions businesses make. The best way to get ahead of this factor is to dote on your customer. Specifically, become the best value in your space. Motivate customers to seek you out. The most efficient way to achieve this is with customer service strategies that engage and empower customers. Once they are firmly in your business camp, keep them there with perks and treats.

Go Social

The obvious low-hanging fruit in this conversation is social media. The resources expended for this customer service component is well spent. In all cases, setting up an account on the top platforms is free. Having a staff member manage your web presence should be a top priority. “Everybody is doing it” is much more than a cliché. The times dictate this form of interaction. Following the customer’s lead always ensures you meet them where they are.

Customer Self-Service

In the 21st century, tasks are completed almost as quickly as the idea crosses the mind. At this pace, companies need to innovate to capture all relevant transactions with their customer base. Provide features on the company website, app, or automated phone system that empower the client to drive the experience by letting them check balances, place orders, or pay on an account through your automated systems. A caveat is that you must ensure that downtime is minimized, and systems are always available. Another great system to deploy is a live chat app that lets customers connect instantly with customer service representatives.

Incentivize Loyalty

Once you gain a customer, the next step is to develop strategies to keep them. Some examples of how to incentivize customer loyalty include coupons, discounts, buy one get one, or free items. For service-oriented business models, consider trial offers or plans with specific timeframes. The key is to personalize it, and make it low customer effort. Use email addresses for direct mailings with the latest customer reward. All customers love a discount, freebie, or trial.

Implement Guarantees

Use core services and products in your customer service strategy with guarantees. According to Forbes.com, any process that minimizes problems is a customer service coup. In addition, these systems say a variety of things about your brand. First, you stand behind the product or service. Second, you support your customer. You should be the biggest advocate of your core services and products, and guarantees deliver this message loud and clear.

Building rapport and a relationship with your customer is achieved with these four simple strategies. These translate into excellent reviews and positive word of mouth promotion. Once you have implemented them, stay proactive with creative ideas. Your customers will love you for it.