Why you need an Experienced Personal Injury Attorney By your side After an Accident

April 1st, 2019 | by Mack A
Why you need an Experienced Personal Injury Attorney By your side After an Accident

Accidents happen at the least expected times – it is why they are accidents. Unfortunately, when they occur, they can sometimes leave one with severe injuries and property damage.

If you are a victim of an automobile accident that arose as a result of another’s negligence, you could be entitled to compensation. The law requires the responsible party to pay for all the losses and injuries that they brought upon you due to their negligence or careless acts. However, before you get any compensation for your injuries and damages, you will need to file an auto accident lawsuit against the liable party. Protecting your rights and health are the two most essential things to consider after an accident, which is why you need to contact Las Vegas Attorney immediately after calling a medical professional.

Many accident victims procrastinate about getting a legal counsel on board, especially when they feel like their injuries don’t seem serious – never do this. You should know that your body has a way of protecting you against pain following the accident. It can be difficult to tell the extent of the injury by this time. Some injuries also take time before they rear their ugly head. Unfortunately, by this time, you may run out of time to file for a case.  And even if the statute of limitation is still in your favor, you may lack enough evidence to support the claim that your injuries are linked to the accident.

Here is why you need an experienced personal injury attorney by your side after an accident:

Focus on getting better

If you sustain injuries after a crash, you will need time to get medical help and to recover. It’s impossible for you to run up and down trying to negotiate with insurance companies or petition the case in court in your condition. An experienced attorney takes the stress out of the process, so you can focus on getting better.

Deal with insurance companies

Most accident victims think that insurance companies have their backs. The reality is insurance companies only care about their business bottom line. Paying up the settlement isn’t in their best interest, so they’ll often try to find reasons not to compensate someone – including claiming that they were at fault. Sometimes, they will even try to offer an unfair settlement to victims. The presence of experienced lawyer not only shows them the possibility of litigation, but it also helps set things in motion, so you receive maximum compensation fast.

Offer legal guidance

Unless you are a lawyer, it will be difficult for you to know all aspects of the law. You auto accident lawyer will act as your legal guide, informing you of your rights and the legal actions that you can take. They will also keep you from providing information that might incriminate you.

Present your best interest

Your lawyer has your best interest at heart; after all, your win is their win. Most auto accident lawyers charge on a contingency fee basis, meaning, you only get to pay them once you receive a settlement. So, you can count on them to do what’s best for you.