4 Measures To Protect Your Company Vehicle

May 27th, 2014 | by Anica O
4 Measures To Protect Your Company Vehicle

A new car is a big investment for most businesses, and one of the most important. Here are some tips to keep your new company car running in tip-top shape.

Have Patience During The Break-In Period

For new cars, the break-in period is usually the first 1,000 miles. Exercise patience. This is your new baby – treat it like one. That means no speeds over 55 MPH. It also means avoiding heavy loads or pulling a trailer. This may be challenging for some businesses that are in construction or delivery. Plan your routes accordingly. Also, avoid long idling. Oil pressure is not sufficient to lubricate the engine properly while idling. Of course, you need to practice light acceleration, so you’ll have to give up racing from stoplights for a while.

Buy Gas at Good Stations and Keep a Mileage Log

Not all gas stations are alike. To protect your investment in your new car, be sure to buy at reputable gas stations that use filtered pumps and change those filters consistently. You can ask the attendant if this is the case. If you get the run-around, then you are better off buying gas someplace else. Also, keep a mileage log in the glove compartment and track the gas mileage. If you notice a large drop in the gas mileage, this may indicate that there is a mechanical problem with the vehicle. Have it checked right away. Addressing a mechanical problem early can save you big on the repair bill.

Clean the Interior with Every Car Wash

A dirty interior does more than wreck a car’s clean image or cause a smell that compels you to drive with the windows down. It’s corrosive. That corrosion will cause deterioration over time, and depreciate the value of your vehicle. Besides, a spotless interior is a better representation of your business than one caked in grime.

Find a Reliable Auto Service Center

Find a service center that is close to your business and has convenient hours. It’s better to establish a relationship with a solid shop and stick with them for the duration of the car’s life. They will have record of everything that has been done on the car. The service center should have a solid reputation, friendly faces, people who care, as well as being an established shop with a fine reputation. The center should offer all maintenance services, diagnostic services, and mechanical services for the whole car, including driveline, chassis, and suspension.

If you have patience during the break-in period, use quality gas, keep track of your gas mileage, and keep your car clean, it will stay running tip-top. But most importantly, visit a solid, honest auto service center for all your scheduled maintenance.

Information Source: Speedy Brake and Apollo Muffler