5 Appreciated Gifts For Stellar Employee Performance

June 8th, 2016 | by Lizzie W
5 Appreciated Gifts For Stellar Employee Performance

As a boss, you should be regularly thanking employees for their contributions. For many employees, acknowledgement and recognition are more important than a monetary reward. Employees like to receive praise for their work, especially if that work is beyond the scope of what’s expected. It’s important to reward your employees when they do a good job with a token of your appreciation.

Talking Plaque

If an employee does a great job, you could purchase a talking plaque that allows you to record your voice. Record a thank you to that employee that shows your appreciation for a job well-done. It doesn’t have to be a lengthy speech detailing all the wonderful things this employee does on a daily basis. It could be short, sweet and specific.

Library of Learning CDs

Many employees quest for knowledge about various topics in their industry. Unfortunately, advanced education in any field can be expensive. You could slowly build a library of learning CDs for employees to check out when they’ve done something worthy of reward. If it’s kept as a reward, it becomes even more special and coveted for the rewarded employee.

Let Them Take a Class

Something that a lot of companies are doing now is helping their employees further their education. Sometimes they do bonuses that help them while they are going back to school or the pay to put them through a class that will help them with their current job. This is usually something that would be companywide sponsored. So instead of a learning library, you could offer to pay for a class in any subject they want. Often, books are the most expensive part of any class. Offer to buy the books as well. It doesn’t have to be instruction in a related field. The class could be ceramics or how to juggle like a pro. The employee gets to choose the class within a certain budget.

New Chair

Any employee that regularly complains of a back ache will appreciate a new chair. Often, the chairs in employee cubicles are flimsy and lack any kind of real support. You could choose to buy one chair and allow the rewarded employee to have it for a week or a month, or you could buy each rewarded employee a chair when they do outstanding work.

Book of Their Choice

If your employee could choose any book in the entire world, what would they choose? Hardcover books can be quite expensive for employees to buy regularly. When a book is given as a reward, it can be used outside of the workplace to help them relax. They’ll truly love the gift.

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