Aircraft EMC Testing Service Providers

October 25th, 2013 | by RobertF
Aircraft EMC Testing Service Providers

There’s high competition in the aerospace market and it’s growing on a global scale. It can be that the products produced in the aerospace industry may need to meet various aircraft EMC testing standards. This could include a number of commercial and civil aircraft requirements and there’s quite a few facilities that can perform these tests.

An electronic system must be developed in a way that it can function in its electromagnetic environment without being disturbed or causing interference with other systems. It must fulfill all required Electromagnetic Compatibility demand. It’s also required to be protected against High Intensity Radiated Field (HIRF) effects and NEMP (Nuclear Electromagnetic Pulse) and Lightning. The system must also be able to maintain proper function if its exposed to these threats and it has to be able to withstand its imagined Electromagnetic Environment or EME.

Aircraft EMC testing services help manufacturers decide which environmental test categories are necessary to the equipment submitted for testing, including the necessary number of test procedures used. Some manufacturers may want to qualify the equipment in more than one aircraft EMC testing category as well and the testing provider can assist in bringing the equipment to code.

Aircraft EMC Testing Service Providers

Many of these service providers offer aircraft EMC testing services that will meet the following standards:

  • Military Aircraft EMC.
  • Civil Aviation EMC.

These can include the following test procedures:

  • HIRF testing.
  • Single Stroke, Multiple Burst and Stroke Lightning testing.

These testing procedures are usually associated with the following services as well:

  • EMC test plans.
  • Work consistently to meet deadlines.
  • A fast reporting service.
  • Provides a witness test facility – private consultation room, customer lounge, internet access, conference call facility.

Many service providers also have the following EMC testing equipment accessories to ensure customer satisfaction.

  • GPS chamber re-radiator.
  • Fiber optic CAN bus and telephone links.
  • USB fiber optic data link.

Test chambers for aircraft EMC testing can include heat extraction facilities and full fume facilities for complete harsh testing of the product(s).

These types of service providers will vary in what they offer to manufacturers and costs of services as well. Depending on the needs of the manufacturer, choosing the right testing service provider is dependent on one’s needs and the quality and services provided by the testing company. It’s essential that the manufacturer makes sure that the type of testing they desire is handled by the testing service company. They should make sure that the company of their choosing is licensed and meets the standards of the aviation guidelines before doing business with such company.

The internet can be very helpful in choosing the right aircraft EMC testing company as manufacturers can easily compare companies. It’s imperative that manufacturers choose a company that will ensure they meet quality standards and deadlines. So make sure that the provider has an excellent rating at meeting deadlines as this can be quite costly for your product getting to market and meeting standards.