Different types of LED signs: Which one is the best?

November 5th, 2018 | by Mack A
Different types of LED signs: Which one is the best?

Almost all the shops have some sort of LED signs with the most common one being the open sign. They are used for various purposes and different shops get them according to their own needs and requirements. You might think about getting an LED sign for yourself and it may seem a very easy job at first. But when you head to the market and are asked to choose the right type, people tend to be confused. Here, we will discuss various LED signs and have a brief insight to how they appear.


Monochrome signs are the signs that come with a single color which is often red or amber. The scrolling signs are often found in single color, in the events or at the start of an area, welcoming the visitors and showing them a particular message. Also, the simple text and images can be displayed using these signs. In addition, the time and temperature options are always there which may seem limited information but is often highly useful for the public. Although businesses may also use these, the intended use is likely to be a non-commercial one.


The tri color signs are usually seen as the ones that offer versatility. There are three primary colors on display in such electronic boards which are red, amber, and green. The best part about such boards is that you can use them and animate the texts and graphics. This makes the tri-color more attractive and attention grabbing as compared to monochrome boards.


The grayscale LED signs are also available and have ability to display as much as 256 shades of a single color. Again, the primary colors used in these sign board are red or amber and these prove to be both practical and cheap solution for businesses that are looking for electronic boards for advertising purposes. It gives you a chance to come up with the realistic pictures and animations, as well as show ads and give valuable information with the help of smooth scrolling.

Full color

The full color signs are available to you in number of different signs and have capability to show all the colors. These can get as large as a billboard and are often referred to as the future of digital signage industry. The boards feature advanced technology and does not only come in different sizes but also has option of changing resolution and graphics. You can use texts and animations as well as play videos on such sign boards.


The indoor signs also use red, amber and green color and are intended for indoor usage only. These signs are controlled with the help of a computer program or a remote that comes along. They are not very big in size, usually 40 to 57 inches, and can display an array of information. However, one should not use them outdoors because they may not be able to withstand the harsh weather around.


So, these are different types of open signs and electronic boards available to you in the market today. Do note that it is not only the type that affects your choice. You should consider the size, resolution, pitch, pixels, and other features that combine together to create a great visual impact on your customers.