Double Glazing Windows for Home

May 15th, 2017 | by KadyK
Double Glazing Windows for Home

When we build or remodel our homes, we seldom pause to think about what is the best choice for choosing glass and what type suits us best. A correct decision, like opting for windows with double glazing, can avoid many headaches and bring us great benefits, both in comfort in the rooms and our pockets.

How does it work?

Our windows are designed to be “saving” glasses because they do not allow energy exchange, ie there will be no change in the internal temperature because of the external temperature. This is not only reflected in the economy but is beneficial to the environment.


  • Thermal insulation: Reduces indoor heat loss in winter
  • Sun protection: Rejects outdoor heat up to 57%.
  • Energy Efficiency: Less need for heating or cooling, protects the environment and saves money.
  • Visual Comfort: Maximizes natural light and reduces sun glare, providing a greater level of visual comfort.
  • Glasses with the neutral appearance. There is a wide range of transparent or colored glass.
  • Acoustic comfort: the double-glazed glass offers a medium level of comfort to external noise.

Now, we know that using double glazing windows will give us maximum comfort, it is worth knowing also the degree of performance of this type of glass to get the best out of these.

For that reason, we have given ourselves the task of making a choice of three options that reinforce the decision to obtain greater comfort and an optimal energy saving in the home.


Window integrated by a glass with layer SS167 + Separator of air + Light Glass 6mm.

Ideal for the central zone of the Mexican Republic, it allows the passage of sunlight but stops the heat up to 37%.


Window integrated by a glass with layer SS467 + Separator of air + Light Glass 6mm.

Excellent option for warm areas like the South of the Country. Stops up to 62% of heat.


Glass integrated window SGG Planitherm 4S (4 Stations) + Air separator + Light Glass 6mm.

Maximum comfort is achieved with SGG Planitherm 4S glass, which gives us the maximum thermal insulation combined with the best solar control; Is a great option for places with extreme climates.