From Idea To Application: How To Turn Your Business Project Ideas Into A Reality

November 25th, 2015 | by Anica O
From Idea To Application: How To Turn Your Business Project Ideas Into A Reality

If you had a dime for every business meeting where you heard someone present a great idea, you would be rich. But how many of those great business ideas ever became a reality? Probably few, if any. Turning an idea into a reality requires an investment of time and money. The following are four traits that you will need in order to take your next business idea and make it reality.

Faith in Yourself

If a person does not believe in themselves, they will never take action because they doubt their ability to handle the consequences of their actions. Accountability means having enough confidence to be 100 percent dedicated to doing the work that needs to be done to make the idea a reality. Most people fail to turn their ideas into something real because they are confronted with challenges that they think are too big for them to handle, and they don’t want the accountability.

Patience Is Key

When some people get an idea for their business, they are so excited to see the end result that they make quick and bad decisions along the way. On the road from an idea to reality, there are going to be unexpected things that happened. Patience allows a business owner to take these bumps in stride, keep their head above water, and make good decisions that balance risks with the potential rewards.

Learn How to Sell Your Ideas

There are very few ideas that can be converted into reality by just one person. It usually requires a team of people working together who understand the vision behind the idea. Selling a business idea means presenting information in a clear and concise way that shows team members how the ideal will eventually generate revenue. People are less concerned with lofty ideas in the business world than they are with financial results. It requires presenting your idea in a simplistic way that will engage others and encourage them to work with you toward success.

Have a Bias Toward Action

Turning ideas into a reality requires action. Many startup companies understand this and have developed a culture that has a bias toward doing something as opposed to talking about doing something. For this reason, they are designing and rolling out products in days as opposed to weeks or months. They are relying more on technology like pptXTREME, which allows them to create PowerPoint presentations in minutes rather than hours, to streamline the creation process, and to get their engineers doing something.

Coming up with a good idea is just one percent of the process. Having faith in yourself, being patient with your idea, selling your ideas to others, and not being afraid to act make up the other 99 percent that will help you make more of your ideas into reality.