Giving Your Startup An Efficiency Boost

January 30th, 2017 | by James B
Giving Your Startup An Efficiency Boost

When it comes to successfulness of your startup, things are more or less clear. You need to have great marketing, good prices and satisfactory efficiency. The problem is, however, how to make all of these things happen as a new business and on a relatively tight budget. Now, investing in marketing right away is something you absolutely must do, but what good is it to build a reputation you cannot measure up to? Because of this, you must boost your efficiency as well, and here are a few ways to do so.

Start from Automation

The first thing you can do to boost the proficiency of your employees is provide them with tools that can make their business much easier. This means automating your business, and one of the ways you can do so is through IFTTT (if that, then that). This way, you can easily program some of your simplest tasks that happen around your office. This can range from something like controlling your office’s smart thermostat to making your twitter account work on its own. No matter what kind of automation you decide to go with, the thing you automate will be one thing less to distract your staff members from their real tasks.

Keeping Backups

You would be surprised to find out that something as vital as keeping backups of everything you do isn’t a priority to everyone. That is, until they lose a few weeks’ worth of work in a matter of seconds. In order to prevent this from ever happening to you, you can go one of two ways. Either go with cloud computing and keep your backup in the digital environment, or keep them on an HDD (if you have some safety concerns with cloud). Sure, HDDs run out of space fairly quickly, but once this happens, you can just buy a new SSD 500GB or bigger whenever you need it. In this day and age, this is not a big investment even for those with the tightest of budgets.

Digital HR

As a business owner, you will already be so strained that you will definitely need some help. One of the ways to do this is by passing on the burden of employee management, evaluation and hiring to your HR, but sometimes you won’t have the privilege of hiring an entire department. Luckily, with the help of an adequate HR software, you can make one man do the job of an entire team and even make up for their lack of experience in the field. In other words, a proper digital tool such as this will help you kill two birds with one stone.

Outsource if Needed

Finally, sometimes enabling your own team to do a business-vital task can be extremely expensive. This is when you are supposed to outsource if you were to increase efficiency. The best example of this are the IT services. IT experts don’t work for change, so adding their salaries on your payroll might be more than you can handle. Furthermore, there is also the question of equipping them with all the latest tools which doesn’t come cheap. Therefore, you are far better off with simply entrusting this task to some other company.


As you can see, there are so many things you can do for your business to make it more successful. The aforementioned are just a tip of the iceberg of all possibilities that lay before you, but are also a great starting point. This way, as a startup, you’ll learn how to get the most out of resources you have at your disposal, which is a skill worth having in the business world.