How To Make Your Startup Stand Out Online

October 2nd, 2016 | by James B
How To Make Your Startup Stand Out Online

It is a well-known fact that the startup ecosystem is one of the harshest out there, especially since there are some indications that the investors have become much less likely to put their money into less-than-spectacular startups. In order to survive, it has become more important than ever before for a startup to stand out among the competition and attract both customers and investors. The easiest and the cheapest way to do this is online, of course.

Start with a Name

A name is always important in business, even more so in the startup world. Unfortunately, many startup owners get so tangled up in their own ideas that their ultimate solutions are nowhere near as intuitive and catchy as they think they are. A good idea is to keep it simple and test it on as many people as you can.

Since you will be going online, you will also want to make sure you can get the domain that will go with your new startup name. A great way to approach this is to go for an .me domain, which will let you play with your name and your website.

Create a Spectacular Website

Spectacular does not have to mean expensive or elaborate. The simplest, most stripped-down websites can still be spectacular. The thing that matters is a unity of message and a way to give people something that they haven’t seen yet.

The crucial rule to remember when creating (or having it created) a website for your startup is that you can do anything. You can do anything, as long as your visitors can understand what you are about and how you can help them with their problem or need.

If there is no one on your team who does web design, a great idea might be to check out local artists, even those who have very little experience. Often times, fresh web designers come up with the freshest ideas.

Create Content

One of the best ways to promote your startup and make it attract attention is through the content you create. This will not come down to the regurgitated 500-word articles that some people call content. No, this will be content that will make people think; content that will make them question their preconceived notions and content that will make them talk about you.

You should also consider creating video content. If you think that your industry and your startup are not really suitable for video, you can always make short vids of how you team works and who you are. If possible, try and answer questions from the industry in your videos.

Do the stuff others are not doing.

How To Make Your Startup Stand Out Online

Do Your Social Media Right

Some people do not get social media, especially when they are trying to promote their business on various social media outlets. They mistake their profiles for bullhorns and they spend all of their time there trying to shout people into trying their product or service.

That is not how social media is used. You are being a jerk.

Social media is about being social, which involves interacting with people. Interact with people. If your customer asks you something, answer them. Break your back trying to help them. If someone mentions you, show them you appreciate it.

Be social.