Parcel 2 Courier

December 12th, 2013 | by MariaJohnUK
Parcel 2 Courier

In this 21st century global village, communications across the five continents are an everyday occurrence, with the technological revolution making buying, selling and sending goods from one country to another straightforward and at speeds and reliability unthought-of of just a few decades ago. The market leaders in the sector are on the expensive side, but newer arrivals are keeping in mind that international parcel traffic is increasing by leaps and bounds and are charging sensibly as a result.

For international parcel shipping, international shipping forms are needed, but there’s no need to worry as they’re easily downloaded and printed out from the internet courier service you’ve decided on. They’re far less complicated than you might think, and need to be attached to your parcel. Packing, even for fragile items, is far easier than in the past, with specially constructed, solid international shipping boxes easily sourced and modern packing materials such as bubble wrap and polystyrene beads absorbing any shocks.

Choosing the best internationally-linked courier for your needs is via online research with Google, and you’ll need one which supplies all the relevant info and tracking facilities online. A leader in the field is the Australian company Parcel 2 Courier, offering a comprehensive service at great rates.  Whether the parcel is personal gift or part of your business, they will route it to your chosen international shipper serving its destination.

Basically, the company is an intermediary connecting customers with trusted international couriers, with single parcels being charged at the much cheaper group buying rate though high volume courier discounts. The service is based around their ‘Click, Pay and Print’ feature, and their online process involves five steps, beginning with entering the collection and delivery post codes on the form provided.

Choosing your courier is next, with timed, express or standard shipping offered, then, the full collection and delivery addresses are entered. Insurance can be booked, and you’ll view a summary of your order before making payment by either Paypal, credit card or a top-up on your account with the company. The final step is to print out your shipping labels and manifests. It couldn’t be easier.

Businesses with bulk shipping requirements can apply for further discounts on the already discounted rates and, for all customers, the online Parcel Calculator tool is a bonus, as is the online tracking service and advice on packing. There’s a helpful page giving a list of prohibited items, some of which may surprise you. For example, birth certificates, antiseptic wipes, Christmas crackers, cheques and concert tickets are all forbidden items.

Another list of restricted items includes passports and objects made from resin, fiberglass and acrylic materials, all of which won’t be covered by insurance. If you’re operating an online auction, Parcel 2 Courier needs to give prior authorization before collection, although this doesn’t apply to eBay sellers. The company offers a one-stop-shop for all your international parcel needs, and ticks all the boxes as regards services offered as well as giving a choice of international couriers.