4 Essential Facility Management Items Small Business Owners Need

February 15th, 2018 | by Anica O
4 Essential Facility Management Items Small Business Owners Need

As the owner of a small business, your budget is probably tight. You are likely using a major portion of profit to reinvest in the business so that it can continue to grow. With limited funds for facility maintenance, you need to keep some important equipment on hand to manage everyday minor problems.

Electrical Issues

When overhead lights begin to flicker, you might just need to change a bulb, so keep extras handy. But if there is a power outage or a wiring problem, you may need to resort to an onsite generator for backup power, at least temporarily. Another option is to keep battery-operated equipment on hand in case the electric fails. Battery-operated radios and lantern-type lighting can help tremendously.

Plumbing Problems

A toilet overflow or a backed-up drain are fairly common problems at home and at work. Have a drain snake available for clogged toilets or drains. Professionals, like those at Ben Franklin Plumbing Services, know that this kind of tool can be a great asset. While a chemical solvent to unclog sinks and toilets can be used, you might want to try an eco-friendly product that won’t damage the plumbing pipes and hardware. Of course, the common household plunger comes in handy if all else fails. It’s probably a good idea to keep bottled water on hand in case tap water is compromised or the faucet is being repaired.

HVAC Concerns

Heating and air conditioning systems can stop working due to factors like stormy weather, extreme temperatures, or aging equipment. If a furnace stops blowing hot air, space heaters can keep the office warm enough to continue working, at least in many cases. When the air conditioner no longer works right, desk fans or stand-alone fans can save the day. Many homes and businesses have ceiling fans installed for what is usually a modest cost. The fans do a pretty good job of cooling the air if the A/C stops working. Screened windows that open to let in fresh air can be helpful if the outside temperature isn’t too hot.

Lighting Backup

When the electric fails or the lighting short circuits, desk lamps or pole lamps can fill the void, in addition to the aforementioned lantern lamps and larger flashlights. In a pinch, candles can help, but they are more limited in range. This issue links back to the power failure, so if a generator is kept on the premises, lighting can be promptly restored.

Stocking the small business office with essential items like these can keep the place up and running when emergencies hit.