Need More Customers? How To Market Your Business To A Specific Region

February 14th, 2018 | by Anica O
Need More Customers? How To Market Your Business To A Specific Region

In order to gain more customers, you need to get your brand out there. For more targeted marketing, you will need to take a more direct approach. Here are some ways to market your business to a specific region.

Team up with a Local Organization

Joining forces with another organization can benefit both of you. This may be a local charity that is well known in your targeted area. It could also be another business that has a product line that complements your own. This would allow you to expand into their customer base with minimal amount of effort on your part. They may already have a marketing strategy in place that can serve to benefit your business. This should be a give and take relationship. They will be more willing to help you if it also benefits them.

Research Effective Marketing Strategies

Do your research to determine the most effective marketing campaign. You need to have some idea of what demographic you’re targeting. This will allow you to target your audience in a more selective manner. Decide if using radio, print, or TV ads are the best way to gain business in the region. How people get their information is important. You don’t want to waste money on a campaign that doesn’t have a payoff. There may even be a more effective method that you’ve overlooked.

Incorporate Local SEO Strategies in Your Anchor Texts

Speaking of effective marketing strategies, including local SEO techniques in your anchor texts is a great way to gain traction in a specific region. A great example of doing this is Bekins Van Lines Inc, which is a company that gears its services towards those in the Portland, Oregon region by naming that region in their anchor texts. This helps search engines to put their website towards the top for those who are in that area looking for the services that they offer.

Use Direct Mailing

Many businesses decide to go with the direct mailing option to gain more customers. You can do this in the traditional method of sending actual mail. There is another option that is far less costly. Consider using social media to expand your customer base. You can determine who to send this to by pairing up with another organization. They can give you some pointers on which segment of the population to target. Encourage people to share your information. This can expand how many people see your products.

Whether you’re a small business or a large one, expanding into another region comes with some risk. Stack the deck in your favor by trying out some of these tips.