What’s Hot In Office Design For Smaller Spaces

November 19th, 2016 | by Norbert C
What’s Hot In Office Design For Smaller Spaces

Office design has been going through a shift for quite some time now. The substantial increase in a number of people working from home, as well as the tendency of starting micro companies that do not have more than a couple of staff members did not go unnoticed by the office equipment manufacturers. They keep coming up with creative ideas and new solutions to surpass the limitations of small spaces. If you are about to rework your small office and wish to make absolute best of the space you have available, these ideas deserve your full attention.  

Multipurpose and Adaptable Furniture

Having a grand table or a bulky conference desk may be visually appealing and stand a symbol of business success but they are highly impractical in moderate and small office spaces. A far better solution would be to opt for adaptable office desks, as they will not only maximize the space you have available, but allow you to customize the setting when your requirements change without having to do a complete renovation again.

What's Hot In Office Design For Smaller Spaces

Improve Lighting

Office of any size benefits from quality lighting. Quite simply, better lighting enables better work. When it comes to small spaces, the most important thing is to have sufficient luminosity throughout the working day. Natural light is always the preferred option, still, it is not always sufficient. It needs reinforcement during poor weather days and understandably always when the working day turns into night. Dimmer controlled artificial lighting positioned in a manner that leaves no corner in the dark will allow you to have sufficient luminosity at all times and at the same time make your office appear larger than it really is.

Collapsible Conference Tables

A great number of businesses demand dedicated meeting spaces. For all those that run such a business and happen to work in a small office, one of the most efficient ways of making the best of small spaces they have available is to opt for collapsible or foldable conference tables. They enable a quick transformation of practically any space into a meeting area and back in a matter of minutes, allowing more convenient and productive use of space once the meeting is over.

Organization Structure Matters

Business organization structure is another important factor for adequate use of space. If the directions that business organization structure gives are not carefully followed even the biggest offices will have a problem with space. For example, if you work in a collaborative environment, the CEO should be positioned in the middle of the office in order to be able to have an uninterrupted communication with all members of the staff. On the other hand, a top down structure will be better off with compartmented office organization.

What's Hot In Office Design For Smaller Spaces

Personalize the Environment

Trying to follow the advice on how to make the best use of the small space available makes people end up working in a completely depersonalized environment. Although it may seem perfectly normal at the beginning, even appealing, it will start to take a toll eventually. Given the amount of time spent at the office, sterile environment will soon lead to drop of productivity. To prevent this, personalize the office by adding items that will make you and all those that share the office more at home, naturally without jeopardizing everything you have already done related to better space organization.

Office layout planning and implementation is a serious task. Furthermore, it’s an ongoing process. Be prepared to continually work on updating your office organization by following the latest solutions and choosing those that will complement and improve your existing setup.