6 Modern Approaches For Developing A Superior Business Culture

May 27th, 2015 | by Anica O
6 Modern Approaches For Developing A Superior Business Culture

What is the secret recipe to a business culture that’s affirming and productive? It’s part leadership and part encouragement on the part of consumers and staff. Business models such as the Google Business Model lays the foundation for multiple revenue streams and employee empowerment. This open culture environment shares the common goal of allowing employees and consumers alike to ask questions and brainstorm ideas. Here are five modern approaches that are changing the way business culture works in a profoundly positive way.

Collaborative Leadership

Modern leadership is highly collaborative and shared. There is less of a hierarchy and more of a flow of how tasks are accomplished based on skills and personal talents. This modern way of leadership allows for more efficient project management techniques to be used for highly complex projects. Solutions are usually delivered to a team with the idea that roles and responsibilities may evolve over the course of a project.

Customer Engagement is Key

In today’s business culture, it’s not enough to just receive customer input. It’s also important to involve the customer in several aspects of the business. Encourage staff to display a personal touch to the business through social media and personal recommendations to consumers. Customization is becoming the norm in the modern business culture to deliver variety to consumers.

Encourage Brainstorming and Immediate Feedback

Successful brainstorming has several benefits to workplace culture. It encourages larger companies and organizations to reduce time costs and identifies problems between teams. According to Forbes Magazine, organizing brainstorming solutions in advance before a session is critical as an efficient way of reducing conflict.

Build a Public Pride of the Company

One of the best ways to build your reputation locally is to create a culture of public pride in the company. If you keep your reputation positive within the company itself, employees will discuss the business in a flattering way to the general community, and these conversations are a type of marketing that you cannot replicate with other methods. Conversely, if your employees hate their jobs and let everyone know, you are doing major harm to your brand. Build a culture that makes your employees proud to wear that Absolute Screen Printing shirt with your company logo outside of work.

Source the Problem, Not the Symptom

Fighting fire with fire is the end result when many business cultures search for the symptom of a major problem instead of the root cause. A common issue in business culture is workplace conflict and delayed results on productivity. Creating objectives with tentative goals is one of the best ways to creative a well-oiled environment.

Investigate Resources Immediately

A strong business culture provides access or availability to necessary resources and time for team members from the beginning. Superior project management and organization techniques quickly provide necessary deliverables to the teams so there is little confusion on the status of a project. A focused business culture doesn’t have to focus on the noise from unanswered questions. The questions and potential delays are laid out on the table from the beginning.

Creating organizational values ahead of time and nurturing talent is the cornerstone of a successful business culture. These tips all lead to strong leadership and staff that are adaptable to multiple roles.