Enjoy A Comfortable Stay At Hotels In Manali

June 7th, 2016 | by EditorS
Enjoy A Comfortable Stay At Hotels In Manali

Scenic forests and snowy peaks surround Manali from all sides while the meandering Beas River graces the valley with its charming presence. Truly a paradise for nature lovers, it is also a favourite destination for adventure seekers. Any sport that requires mountains can be done in this picturesque town, including trekking, mountaineering, paragliding and skiing. This idyllic region of Himachal Pradesh is a year-round holiday destination for honeymooners, backpackers, thrill seekers and families. Due to the large influx of tourists, many hotels in Manali have flourished in the recent past. These are available in different categories, ranging from budget to premium. Read on for detailed information about Snow Valley Resort Manali and a concise description of other types of hotels found here.

Budget Hotels

A traveller who is visiting this paradise in Himachal mainly for adventure is not expected to stay in the room much. Therefore, this group of tourists does not want to spend more than necessary on accommodation. Since, Manali is flocked by venturesome and backpackers, budget hotels can easily be found in all parts of the town. Rooms of this category of hotels are practical where you can enjoy a peaceful sleep. Interiors are simple but pleasant, and the rooms are appointed with basic furniture and fittings. Services mostly include room service, front desk and travel assistance. All in all, this property type is ideal for a comfortable stay under a limited budget.

Cottage Rentals

For travellers who are planning a holiday for a week or a month, renting a cosy cottage in the scenic environs of the town is a great way to go. These are mostly privately-owned houses that are rented out to guests for a specified period. Rooms in these cottages are well appointed with colour TV and furniture. Bathrooms come with toiletries and stylish fixtures. Most attractive feature of these cottages is the open terrace on which you can relax and admire the lovely vistas.

Luxury Properties

Most honeymooners like to indulge in luxury; therefore, the hill station has a number of hotels and resorts ideal for tourists who do not mind splurging on accommodation. Such hotels in Manali have elegant rooms with modern facilities. One can also expect an indoor swimming pool, spa, multi-cuisine restaurants, bars and other such features to be available within these properties.

Snow Valley Resort

Amidst the lush forests, astounding views of the mountains, and fragrant orchards of this enchanting town, is located the opulent Snow Valley Resort Manali. The rooms are done in a way that they look luxurious and cosy at the same time. The floor-to-ceiling glass windows offer breathtaking views of the town while the many amenities ensure a king-size stay for guests. There are three fine-dining venues inside the hotel, along with a games room and a conference hall. Thoughtful services, such as Wi-Fi and in-room massage service are also offered.

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