Facilities Management: Why You Need to Regularly Maintain Your Business

November 14th, 2018 | by Anica O
Facilities Management: Why You Need to Regularly Maintain Your Business

Some entrepreneurs feel that if they sell a quality product and treat people fairly, they don’t have to worry as much about the other aspects of running a business. However, maintaining your business image is essential to attracting and growing a solid customer base. Although you might not think that appearances are that important, many customers should rather do business with an attractive company than one that appears ill-kept or run-down.


Since the public will first notice the outside of your business, it is important to ensure that everything looks well-kept, up-to-date, and safe. The building should be clean and preferably coated with anti-graffiti paint to discourage vandals. All the windows should have clean glass with uniform window dressings. Walkways and parking areas need to be free of debris, weeds, cracks, or crumbling that can cause customers to trip and fall. Decorative accents like flower pots or landscaping add an appealing touch of curb appeal.


The foyer or reception area is the next area visitors or customers will notice. This area needs clean, slip-free flooring along with an attractive décor to make everyone feel welcome. If waiting space is needed, it should be decorated in subdued but attractive furnishings like draperies, area rugs, and wall décor. The furniture, such as tables, chairs, and bookcases, should be good quality, sturdy, and polished and clean. The entire area needs to be inviting and reassuring to visitors who may be getting first impressions.

Customer Areas

Whether customers then visit departments, interior offices, or shopping spaces, these places should be designed and maintained with visitor attitudes in mind. Everything needs to be well organized, color-coordinated, and simple to be pleasant rather than distracting. Anything that customers might need, such as writing pens to fill out order forms or computers for the same purpose, along with drinking water if feasible, restroom access, and sitting areas for elders or those with chronic illnesses should be provided and look nice.


Even the restrooms should be kept tidy, neat, and fresh-scented. Toilets are typically serviced by maintenance crews every eight-hour shift or as needed. Sinks and mirrors that are clean, along with floors that remain dry and free of discarded paper towels or tissues, make a positive impression on guests.

Keep your business looking and smelling great to make customers and clients feel comfortable, and they will look forward to returning. Basic attention to these four areas can make a terrific impact on visitors.