How To Turn Customer Advice Into Business Success

April 23rd, 2014 | by Anica O
How To Turn Customer Advice Into Business Success

Customers make your business run. They tell others about what you do and they go to you when they need help. That’s why their advice means so much to your company. Here’s how to translate their opinions into the ultimate success for your business.

Ask for their Opinions

In order to have relevant and truthful advice from your customers, you need a way for them to give feedback to you. For some, it’s not hard to say how they feel about your company. For others, they would rather be anonymous and fill out a survey. Create a short survey for your customers to tell you what they like and don’t like about the way you run things. Make sure you have an end goal for each question you ask. Offer incentives, deals, or discounts if they visit sites like, where everyone can see the glowing reviews of your business.

Make your Business a Place People want to be

Whether you’re a brick-and-mortar store or an online business, your loyal customers want to be in a place that makes them feel great. Think about who your customers are and what atmosphere pulls them in. The longer they spend time in your place of business, the more money they’ll be willing to spend. Also, they’ll encourage their friends to go along with them too, bring more potential customers to you.

Make your Mission Known

People enjoy belonging to tribes. Plenty of businesses sell and deliver similar products and services to the public. You’ll be competing for a potential customer’s attention and loyalty. Are you adamant about serving local farm fresh produce to your customers? Do you promise to give truthful and humorous advice to those you coach? Decide what makes your company different from others.

Work together with your Team

If there’s anything that makes a business better than it was in the past, it’s working together with a full team of employees who feel included and valued in the company. Take the time to meet with those who help run your business outside of normal work hours. More than likely, they have plenty of ideas from working with customers each day that will point you in the best direction to move forward in your business.

It’s easy to continue business as usual and push customer advice to the side, especially when it’s difficult to hear. However, honing in on what your loyal customers are saying can improve your business dramatically when you take the time to listen to their concerns.