Know How To Use Business Listings For Essential Information

January 8th, 2014 | by RS
Know How To Use Business Listings For Essential Information

When you search something on the internet you are rarely aware of the subtle details that lead to such effortless online search. Strange but true, that only 20% of total searches comprise a place name and around 70% visitors searching for offline business will look up for it over the internet. In today’s times it has become customary for business entities to find maximum visibility. If you take interest in enhancing your business visibility then look for a proper business directory, which will list your business to the top.

What happens when you don’t really want to expend on website maintenance? You can still receive a web presence through local business listing directory. When you get listed on one of these alongside reaching out for Yahoo Local or Google Places, you actually notify your existence to the search engines. Besides, such web support usually comes free of cost and are even easy to manage and set-up.

Now, how will you know which directory is authentic since it is quite a tedious task to narrow down on a sea of choices. There are some auto generated lists where almost any business owner can include the name of his commercial entity in an attempt to access inbound links directed towards his website. That is not all!! There are also lists moderated by humans. Apart from just registering the name of a business entity, these lists allow in a lot of information about the company. This in turn helps you to increase your visibility on the Internet and makes your presence felt by a wider audience. Does it seem interesting to you? Of course it does!!

After you have found a proper business listing directory you will need to get your focus straight. If you have doubt on how to go about it, here’s what you need to do:

Contact Details:

Firstly make your website easily accessible to all. Make it simpler for customers/visitors to contact your business through legitimate details (phone number address, email, fax, website and more).

Claiming your Business Existence:

It is quite easy to find your business on a listing, but it is essential that you manage and claim the existence of it. On claiming your business profile you actually get the permission to edit details or add some if necessary.


Reviews and ratings are added advantages you get from listing directories. This helps your customers to get a knowhow about the review sites where you have been listed. Besides, you can ask them to give a review. It’s true that positive feedback can actually enhance your business credibility.

Opening Times:

Ensure that your opening times are registered on the listing. If visitors are looking up the web to order for your services offline, it is important that you provide them this information.

Promoting Special Deals and Discounts:

Some listing directories even give you the freedom to mention the special deals you offer, which helps to draw the attention of more customers.

Using Pictures:

Some websites even permit you to use/add pictures. You may use photographs of your products or services to help customers identify your offerings. Images of your business premises can help your customers get an idea about your commercial entity.

Now, these are some basic factors to take into account before registering on a listing directory.

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