Sell A Beauty Product? 4 Marketing Strategies To Reach Your Consumers

January 19th, 2018 | by Anica O
Sell A Beauty Product? 4 Marketing Strategies To Reach Your Consumers

Without a doubt, the beauty industry is truly a billion dollar industry. From hair sprays to eye concealer, the variety of products in this industry run the gamut. Plus, most women love and own at least three products of their own. Women will also spend a pretty penny on improving or maintaining their good looks. Knowing this, it makes sense why a person would want to cash in on this lucrative and fun market. If you have an awesome beauty product you really believe in and want to sell, it’s important to get it front of the right eyeballs. There are a few ways to consider approaching a marketing strategy that works for your beauty brand. Try a few of these options and see how they work.

Brand Ambassadors

Brand ambassadors are individuals who will vouch for the product and share it with their following. Most companies prefer to choose brand ambassadors who already have a strong and responsive following. Make sure that your brand connects with an ambassador in the most authentic way. If your brand sells a vegan beauty product, it’s wise to connect with a vegan brand ambassador. While it’s not mandatory, it’s just more authentic and believable.

If the partnership seems forced, the followers will see right through it. Once you’ve connected with the right ambassadors, give them a specific promo code. If followers purchase the product and use the promo code that’s linked to the specific brand ambassador, this will help you gain a better understanding regarding how much an asset they are to your business. This method works best with ambassadors on YouTube and Instagram.

Valuable Content

Another way to sell beauty products involves delivering valuable content to your following. Consider sharing content like Nu Skin does through its iTunes account. While it’s good to focus some of your attention on building a following online, it’s also important to make sure that your current followers are receiving valuable content. When they feel like they’re learning and receiving valuable information, they’re more likely to stick around, buy what you’re selling and become repeat customers. If you’re building a platform on Instagram, share practical beauty tips.

Do a series where different popular bloggers share their most precious beauty tips. In addition to sharing awesome content, position your beauty product in the midst. If your product is an amazing lipstick line, give tips on how to exfoliate, moisturize and maintain supple lips. With each post, make sure the model is wearing a lipstick color from the line you sell. Positioning is key with these types of efforts.

Podcast Appearances

There are tons of podcasts to choose from. Find a few great beauty podcasts and write the moderators. Write your pitch and include why you’d like to be interviewed as well as what you have to offer their listeners. Instead of pitching from a place of getting placement for your benefit, position the pitch to show the moderator what they stand to gain from an interview with you.

Don’t be afraid to start small with the podcast size. As you become consistent, you’ll build a reputation and get invites to other podcasts over time.

Social Media Advertising

Use the power of Instagram and Facebook ads to really gain momentum. One of the great parts of social media advertising is that you can customize it to your budget. If you only have $10 a day to spend on advertising, $10 on a consistent basis can really do some major brand building. Plus, you’re able to customize the filters and decide who you’d like your target audience to be.

Once you’ve pictured your target customer, place their description in the filters and get the ideal product placement you’re looking for. It’s also good to consider your target customer’s current favorite brands.

Selling a beauty product can be tons of fun and as you continue to work on these strategies, some will work better than others. Don’t be afraid to experiment and see which options fit your brand the best. Don’t hesitate to adapt and go with the flow. If something isn’t working, it’s okay to change. As long as you remain consistent and open to change, these options will work for your beauty product sales.