Successful Sales: How To Market A Product For A Narrow Audience

February 2nd, 2018 | by Anica O
Successful Sales: How To Market A Product For A Narrow Audience

It would be amazing to create a product that appeals to absolutely every demographic. However, that’s a pipe dream that isn’t likely to come true. In order to find an audience, you need to focus on who’d like it most. Rather than appealing to everyone, you should appeal to certain people. Here’s how to market a product for a narrow audience.

Get to the Point

You’re fighting for the attention of your audience. Therefore, you need to perfect your “elevator pitch.” Understand what makes your product work so well and why people should buy it. Take the time to practice your pitch while your product is in development. Use a stopwatch and record yourself to see how you sound. You can also study the art of pitching from more seasoned entrepreneurs.

Make a Niche Website

You need to be using the internet to catch an audience, and a specific website is the best way to do so. Take the AvioTech Ltd website, for example, as it’s about very specific products (military cables and electrical wire harnesses) and brings them to life through its specificity and detail. For whatever product you’re trying to sell, make sure to include plenty of involving text and images explaining your product and how it can benefit customers. Make sure to use SEO keywords throughout your site as well. This is important because when people Google search the specific thing that you’re trying to sell, you’re site will show up if you are ranking for that specific niche-related item.

Go to Expos

If there are expos and conventions for your business, you should go to them. Use this as an opportunity to market your product and network with others. You can learn from other businesses, who may or may not be rivals. Don’t try to be tooth-and-nail with your competition. Allow yourselves to work alongside each other in spirit. This a time for appreciating how much of an education you can receive.

Advertise Appropriately

Look for ways to advertise your product in the best way possible. You should look for websites that you can advertise on. They should be focused on similar products to yours. Work with an advertising company who will be able to convey your message. You can use magazine ads, internet ads, and television ads. Let the focus be put on the product. You want to have people be intrigued but still clear about what the product does. You can work with focus groups to see if your message needs clarification.

When deciding on a product for a narrow audience, you need to think about needs. What needs does your product address and whose needs are they? By using this guide, you can realize how best to market your product.