The A to Z Working Procedure of Recruiting Agencies

January 5th, 2018 | by Mack A
The A to Z Working Procedure of Recruiting Agencies

There is no dearth of trained   laborers as well   as the   organizations searching for such people. But, even then we find candidates complaining about  the scarcity of good jobs and organizations being restless for not getting quality professionals. Finding a good job and getting a good employee – both   are time-consuming and frustrating work.

Recruiting agencies have appeared as a   savior for employers   as well as the candidates. They work as middle-men to find a good match between employers’ requirement and employees’ expectations. If you are thinking of contacting a recruitment   agency you might like to understand their working procedure.

That’s why this article discusses how recruiting agencies work.

Advertising Their Own Service – Okay you think   that recruitment agencies advertise on their clients’ behalf, obviously they do, but first, they advertise their own service. They advertise their service to reach out   to the mass of candidates who keep on sending their CV’s to every possible place. Their   service is useful   for candidates because they no more need to keep on   searching for   a job and send their CV   to hundreds of employers. The recruitment agencies also advertise themselves to come   in contact with varieties of organizations to suit the requirement and expectations   of different levels of candidates.

Creating a Database of Candidates   –   The recruiting agencies do not only work as   and when required; they keep on working continually for keeping their services at par with expectations of clients and candidates. Creating a database of candidates is an ongoing process where recruiting agencies save details of aspiring candidates   in their database. In this way, they can directly offer jobs to   the suitable candidates without advertising a vacancy. The database also comes   handy when an employer approaches the agency with an urgent requirement.

Doing the Background Check – The recruiting   agencies are the middle-men between employers and employees it means both   the parties are putting their trust in the agency. So, it automatically becomes the ethical responsibility of the agency to save both the parties from any fraud done by the other party. The recruiting agencies do a criminal record check, qualifications, references and credit rating check for the   candidates before placing them in their database. They also do the credibility check   for the organization before forwarding any candidate as a recruited employee.

? Creating the Perfect Match – After being satisfied with the credibility of both parties and knowing details of their expectations the recruiting agencies   create the   perfect match as per the client’s demand. Some companies want to take the   final-decision themselves so they ask the agency for shortlisted candidates   whom they can interview   on their own. The agencies either choose a candidate from their database or advertise a new vacancy to channelize the candidates to the organizations.

Obviously, the recruiting agencies charge a sum for their service but they maintain their focus on creating the best possible match for both the parties. The UK’s longest established health and safety recruitment agencies have sustained for so long just because their main focus is on their service rather than the income.

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