Why You Need Local IT Support

January 26th, 2016 | by Alice Aires
Why You Need Local IT Support

Very few things are more frustrating than computer crashes. If you’re running a business, they can destroy your productivity and cost you enormous sums of money. Even if it’s just your personal computer that’s refusing to behave itself, you could lose work, prized family photos, or your painstakingly assembled music collection to the ether. Simply put, it’s just not worth the risk not to have IT support, particularly these days when it seems like our entire lives are played out on a computer screen.

In the event of a computer crash or other IT problem, it’s not uncommon for people to call their service provider in the hope that they’ll receive the IT support they need. Unfortunately, it’s equally common that the support department of your Internet Service Provider or computer manufacturer is based offshore, leaving you with a language barrier to get around before you can begin to fix the issue with your machine and get on with your life. If you live in Sydney, you don’t want to spend hours on the phone talking to someone in Bangladesh, Taiwan or Manchester. You want someone who can tell you what’s wrong and how to fix it in clear language that you can understand. That’s why you should choose local IT support.

Localised Service

The advantage of using Sydney IT support rather than anything overseas or even in a neighbouring city is that your service can be tailored to your specific needs. With local service, the excruciating wait times intrinsic to outsourced big-business customer service are a thing of the past. You can rely on a Sydney-based IT support company responding to your needs rapidly and efficiently, and without irritating, tinny music filtering through the phone line. Not only that, but by supporting a local business, you’ll be stimulating the local economy that directly affects you and your business.

The other benefit of using localised service is you get a resident’s understanding of the infinite idiosyncrasies that define life in Sydney. Inner West residents, for example, know that some parts of Marrickville are notorious “black spots” for phone coverage. Local IT business will know which areas haven’t had their underground wiring upgraded from copper to optic fibre, and which areas have, allowing them to tailor their service to you based on where you live. If it’s a particularly hot day in the CBD, and computers are overheating, your local IT support business will know to look out for that particular problem and advise you on which preventative measure you can take.

Fixed Prices

The best local IT support businesses will clearly explain their pricing structure to you and help you to decide which of their support options are best. Would round-the-clock, continuous monitoring suit the needs of your network, or should you opt for your network to be monitored only during peak times? You might only be at home using your PC in the evening after work, and what you pay for IT support and the limited monitoring should reflect that. Accordingly, the finest of IT support businesses should offer hourly and monthly rates, allowing you to comfortably decide on a fixed rate for the services you choose to employ.